1. AliceMartin

    New at Tech Enclave community

    Hey Community Members, Hope you are doing great at home in this crucial Covid-19 crisis. I’m Alice Martin. I’m a web developer living in India. I am a fan of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in writing and programming. Hope This journy will be wonderful and...
  2. AnirudhSingh

    Hey Everyone : )

    Hey guys! I am Anirudh. I have been a member for a few days, but haven't introduced myself yet so here I am. I would try to be helpful to everyone whenever possible. I look forward to being a part of this community!
  3. ezio16

    Hello Geeks

    I'm a new addition in this tech family. About me, I love to game (in my PC) and be updated with all latest technology in Computer world and Mobile phones. I would like to be showered with tech expertise from all the geeks here for my questions and opinions (silly or not ;)). Thanks for having me...
  4. Vinborris

    Rytsas (Hello)

    Hello techenclave family, I am Vin Borris from the Westeros (basically NJ, US). I am a technology lover and joining this forum to improve and share my knowledge. I work at the Night's Watch for brand promotion and generation of recruits (leads). Let's join the forces! (I am a GOT fan) Hail...
  5. undertalvar


    Hi, New to PC building. After venturing through reddit and pcpartpicker(and not getting any Indian market specific help) I've decided to join this community(which I should have done in the first place. But oh well!). For the past 2-3 weeks I've been reading a lot on PC gaming parts(still a bit...
  6. WillAlt


    To Introduce, my name is Will, computer and technology enthusiast
  7. Ishtiyaq Husain


    Hello everyone, I am Ishtiyaq from Kanpur, UP. I am a Software Engineer You can find more about me on Thanks!
  8. R

    introduce myself

    hi guys im Reid Cad, 23 years of old , im from country of Philippines
  9. Ubed Thaheem

    who am i?

    Hello everyone.. Hope you will fine. its Me Ubed Thaheem, from Hyderabad, Pakistan. i am a web and Graphic designer. i am member of many computing forums, & now "Techneclave" is part of that forums. :) Hope you will welcome me..
  10. Riyaz Alam

    A warm hello to everyone here

    Hi Guys, I have just started here at TE, excited to learn and participate in great discussions.
  11. SrkOnline

    Hi Everyone !!

    Hello, this is Srk, new member in TechEnclave forums. I love to share and discuss latest tech news and innovations happening in India. I am mostly interested in consumer electronics, telecommunications, mobile OS such as WinPhone/ Android, tech startups and Internet stuff. Looking forward for...
  12. A


    So I came here on a friend's recommendation. What up guys? I hope I can make myself useful here a the forum. Greetings to all.