1. U

    FS: Laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y700 i5 6300, 950m , SSD, IPS screen , also Dell 27" IPS monitor, EVGA 450W Bronze PSU, Zebronics H81

    Have an extra Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 in great condition (no dents or scratches/ blemishes, battery is still 3 hrs+). Condition is more like 4.75/5 (minor use shows on TouchPad like any laptop). I5 6300HQ GTX 950m 4GB 256 GB Samsung M2 SSD 250 GB WD HDD 12 GB Dual Channel DDR 4 Memory 15.6 IPS...
  2. K

    Budget 21-30k Request: Trusted online sellers where I can buy refurbished laptops?

    2gud and Amazon have horrible ratings and meeting OLX sellers to review models is not possible because of covid-19. Does anyone know any good online resellers for refurbished laptops? Any recommendations? I have heard of refurbix but they aren't taking in any orders at the moment.
  3. R

    WTB WTB low-mid range laptop (no more than 4 years old please)

    Prefer the following: 1. CPU: Ryzen 5, Intel (6xxx series or greater only, please) 2. DDR4 ram EXPANDABLE (ie, not soldered like some lenovo models) 3. SSD 4. FHD display please keep in mind these would be "ideal" configs. since we all know that its very hard to find "ideal" laptops, feel free...
  4. dragonball

    FS: Laptop Dell XPS L502X 15.6-inch Laptop (i7/8GB RAM/750gb 7200rpm)

    Reason For Sale: Lying unused because built a desktop + already have office laptop Product Condition: 4 out of 5 (Not used much, Never used as laptop, always used as desktop, Never taken out of the house. Everything works fine except the battery) Product URL...
  5. A

    Budget 31-40k MarQ Falkan Aerbook

    Anyone using this? How is the screen quality, thermal performance among other important things? I couldn't find a legit review on any website. Thanks!
  6. puns

    FS: Laptop ASUS VivoBooK Laptop ( Delhi NCR Only )

    Laptop works perfectly fine. Great for casual browsing, movies up close etc. Has HDMI and 256 GB SSD so bootup and eveything is fast. Please PM for offers and any details needed. Lowballers will be ignored. Product Name: ASUS VivoBooK Intel Core i3 7th Gen 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop (4GB...
  7. Naveen_Reloaded

    Budget 0-20k Monitor for my Laptop(970m) 1080p - 24-27inch

    What is your budget? 10-20K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) SAGER LAPTOP 970M GPU 16GB RAM Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) nil Which hardware component are you looking to buy...
  8. mathrisk

    Windows SSD migration of Win10 in Laptop

    I have a Lenovo laptop (Ideapad 330 Ryzen 5/4gb/win10) (link). I want to put a SSD into it, replacing the HDD. So I was wondering, can I install a fresh copy of windows to the new drive and login with my account? Would that activate the windows installation? (I want to avoid the partition...
  9. pratzgh1

    Laptops Acer Swift 3 - Gaming on battery sucks

    HI Guys, I have the Acer Swift 3 and absolutely love it but there is one thing that I hate. The Nvidia MX250 chip sits idle when there is no graphics intensive task but triggers when a game launches. That said, the gaming performance is viable when the laptop is connected to a power source but...
  10. walibaa

    FS: Laptop Lenovo B50-70 i3 4th gen laptop

    Hi all I need to sell laptops with below configuration 1. Make: Lenovo Model: B50-70 Fair Condition - 100% Fully functional CPU - i3 4010u Ram - 4gb DDR3L ( upgradable, 1 slot free) Hard disk - 1tb Display - 15.6 hd matte screen With original charger, compatible battery, windows 10 activated...
  11. khaleelda1

    Budget 0-20k Basic laptop for browsing only! (under 20k)

    What's your Budget? under 20k, max upto 23k What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? browsing, youtube, whatsapp web, blueray video files on VLC player (this is the max usage scenario) What size and weight considerations do you have? weight is not a concern. Any brand that you...
  12. P

    FS: Laptop BRAND NEW Lenovo IdeaPad s540 15.6" 8GB/1TB SSD/2GB Nvidia MX250/i5-8265U/Win 10

    Hey all, I just got this BRAND NEW Lenove s540 IdeaPad exactly one week ago to the day (August 27th 2019). After using it sparingly on the first day (connected it to the internet and downloaded Firefox to register the product online, no additional downloads or installations), I found the laptop...
  13. varunpro

    Budget 51-70k Amazon Prime sale, Please Help recommend Asus Fx505 or Fx504 to buy 0_o

    Please recommend which of these will perform better for a student getting started & future enthusiast in the making :p Asus Tuf fx505 Vs Asus Tuf fx504? With Intel i5 8300h, 1050ti? Or AMD Ryzen 5 3550h, 1650?
  14. mathrisk

    Budget 0-20k Which RAM for laptop?

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 330 Ryzen 5, bought last year. It comes with 4gigs of RAM, which isn't sufficient for basic development works I do. So thinking of upgrading, putting another 8GB. Which would be better choice, for 3k 1. Dolgix (Amazon / ~2900) 2. Crucial (Amazon / ~2900) 3. Corsair (FK...
  15. walibaa

    FS: Laptop Lenovo i3 6th Generation laptop

    Hi All, Selling my 14months old Lenovo laptop with below configuration. i3 6th generation processor 4gb DDR4 ram ( 1 more slot free) 1000gb hard disk 2gb Intel hd graphics Windows 10 Home single language license 15.6 display Original charger 2hours+ battery life 100% working no issues or damage.
  16. PHOENiX117

    Budget 71-90K Laptop for schoolwork.

    my first post this year! I need a new laptop, I have a mid-range rig that i use for all my work, but i cant take it anywhere. I will pull the trigger next week. it should last well enough to function as a video player after 2 years. Note- I will avoid Gamery designed laptops,love gaming but...
  17. M

    Budget 71-90K For coding + multimedia work

    Please suggest what laptop would suit following needs ? Target users - Technical staff at school - Coding ( Python) - Multimedia work --- Presenatations ( lots of images + videos ... to tune of 500mb-1gb) --- Image Editing (Photoshop) --- Video Editing ( Primarily movie making from images +...
  18. Futureized

    Cousin looking for laptop budget max 60K - 80K

    Requirements: Non-Gamer (not needed for extreme games available in 2019) Mostly browsers related Digital work (he works for some digital media company) Nothing more to talk.. If something can come below do recommend. If a gaming lappy under that budget do suggest.. (i can borrow on...
  19. D

    I want to buy used laptop with i5 2nd or 3rd gen.

    The laptop should be working. The screen should be properly working. The hard disk and battery are acceptable if not working properly. The location should be Mumbai and Thane as I would like to personally check the laptop. Also, I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320 with Pentium N4200 disassembled so I...
  20. ultraportable

    FS: Laptop iBall CompBook Exemplaire laptop [ Without LCD] + HDMI Cable + Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse + Wifi

    iBall CompBook Exemplaire 14 inch laptop [ Without LCD] Currently I'm currently using it using HDMI Cable connected to external LED Monitor. You will also get HDMI Cable + Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse + Wifi USB Adaptor. I have Laptop's original box with manual. Bought it on eBay, on...