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    FS: Laptop BRAND NEW Lenovo IdeaPad s540 15.6" 8GB/1TB SSD/2GB Nvidia MX250/i5-8265U/Win 10

    Hey all, I just got this BRAND NEW Lenove s540 IdeaPad exactly one week ago to the day (August 27th 2019). After using it sparingly on the first day (connected it to the internet and downloaded Firefox to register the product online, no additional downloads or installations), I found the laptop...
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    Budget 71-90K Lenovo Ideapad s540 and Legion Y7000

    Hi guys, Need a laptop for home, work and multimedia use. Must be able to run multiple tasks smoothly such as having Firefox open with multiple tabs, running a real-time stock ticker at the botton, downloading and playing/streaming of video and audio, excel and word open at the same time. Will...