mechanical keyboard

  1. D

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Corsair gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard

    For sale are some more unused PC gaming tech. 1. Corsair K63 mechanical, purchased in Nov 2018 from PrimeABGB, Cherry MX Red switches 2. Corsair M65 Elite Pro gaming mouse, purchased in Nov 2018 from BestBuy USA I don't game on my PC anymore, so these are lying idle. Expected prices: - K63...
  2. K

    Looking for Cherry MX Blue/Green keyboard

    I am looking for a Cherry MX Blue/Green tenkeyless keyboard for less than 8k.
  3. G

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Royal Kludge RK 61RGB Mechanical Keyboard & Mantistek Gaming Mousepad

    BRAND NEW 61 KEYS COMPACT MECHANICAL CHERRY RED KEYBOARD & MANTISTEK 300*250*3MM GAMING MOUSEPAD The Keyboard can be used both in Wired and Wireless mode. It can be paired with 3 devices at the same time (Bluetooth 3.0). Contents RK 61 RGB Mechanical Keyboard2 MantiskTek Gaming Mouse pad...
  4. Emrebel

    Need advice for buying mechanical kb

    I am searching for budget friendly mechanical keyboards (preference for mx cheery red).. I have this one in my view.. Gigabyte Mechanical Cherry Red Keyboard (GK-FORCE K83 RED) I would be glad if someone can suggest other...
  5. soulweaver

    User Review Cheap Mechanical LED Keyboard - Hcman - 87 Keys

    +++ For some reason, I was not able to embed images here, so put them in the second post! I also managed to successfully embed the GIFs of the lighting modes too!+++ This will not be a detailed review going into a lot of nerdy / geeky (pick the more offensive word ;)) stuff like force needed...
  6. Harshit Goel

    PC Peripherals Custom DIY Mechanical keyboards

    Hi, My name is Harshit Goel, I make custom mechanical keyboards as a Hobby. Is there someone else who is into this hobby? This my album with some of my keyboards.
  7. S

    FS: Desktops Custom High-end Gaming Rig PC (with 32" Sony LED Monitor!)

    Hi, I put this rig together about 3 years ago. Nobody ever enters my room without saying "Wow! What the hell is that!". I use it for light gaming, video editing, 3D modelling, although it's capable of a lot more. I assembled it myself, carefully sourcing each item at the best price. Do Google...