1. tapankunu

    2nd/3rd generation motherboard (H61/B75)wanted

    i want a 2nd/3rd generation motherboard (H61/B75) in good working condition without any issues.
  2. I

    Budget 0-20k Good stable budget B450 motherboard

    My Budget is kind of tight right now but I want to upgrade my old Intel rig to AMD Ryzen. I've finalized most of my component requirements but can't seem to decide on Motherboard. I'm looking for good stable motherboard which provides enough vrm phase for mild overclocking and long lasting...
  3. walibaa

    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte H61 Combo - sold

    Gigabyte H61 Motherboard with i3 3rd generation processor, Fan, 4gb Ddr3 ram with io plate in brand new condition. 100% funcitonal at 5500 shipped.
  4. mahesh_bharti

    Motherboard for Intel Core I7 4770k

    Hi wanted to motherboard for my Intel Core i7 4770k As my motherboard MSI Z87 GD65 GAMING Motherboard bios fail let me know if you have spare one. else i will sell Intel Core i7 4770k Corsair Vengence 8Gb x2 1600Mhz RAM liquid cooler Thanks
  5. Warlord09

    Asus motherboard fan installation

    How many maximum number of fans can i install on Asus PRIME A320M-K AM4 Motherboard.
  6. samiryadav

    FS: Desktops intel i5-2500K + Intel Extreme DP67BG-B3 Mobo + 8 GB gskill RAM + Asus 750ti Graphic Card

    Available as bundle as well as individual components. I will sell only if all the components can be sold. 1.Intel CPU intel i5-2500K Brand:- Intel Category :- Processor Model : -I5-2500K Condition:- Good. 2.Intel Motherboard .- DP67BGB3 Details:- Brand : - Intel Chipset : -P67 Category : -...
  7. samiryadav

    FS: Motherboard Intel Extreme DP67BG-B3

    Hi Friends, I am selling my Intel Motherboard . (also processor and RAM.Check my other threads) Details:- Brand : - Intel Chipset : -P67 Category : - extreme series motherboard. OC capable. I will let the buyer test the Motherboard over remote connection. Shipping at buyer's risk.I will...
  8. LDC

    Budget 0-20k Motherboard might have blown off—CPU, Motherboard and RAM to be upgraded

    Last week, in the afternoon heat, I was multitasking on my PC of the below mentioned configuration when everything froze (second time in a row) and then I had to force shut down with the cabinet button. On restarting, nothing starts except the DVD drive, GPU fan, CPU cooler fan and PSU fan. No...
  9. S

    Asus Vs. MSI Vs. Gigabyte Customer service in India?

    Maybe this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find anything, and maybe the latest situation could be different. Of the three, who offers better quality and service in India, specifically, Bangalore? I've heard tales of Gigabyte's ATX board not fitting into the standard case...
  10. P

    Budget 0-20k M5A78L-M/USB3 for fx 8320 processor

    I need a motherboard for my fx 8320 (Am3+ socket) processor. Previously I had GA 970A DS3P and it gave me a horrendous user experience. So, this time I have decided to go with ASUSs' M5A78L-M/USB3. Can you guys tell me the best place to buy it in the NCR region? I am on a very tight budget and...
  11. bookoon

    Laptops Motherboard Repair

    Hi Folks My HP 360 laptop suddenly conked off a month back (Just about a month after the warranty ended). I was happily informed by HP service guys that the motherboard has gone Kaput and I need to shell 25k to replace it. To cut the story short... please advice me on where I can get this...
  12. P

    FS: Desktops Garage Sale: Processor, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics Card, and Printer

    Garage Sale! Prices are open to negotiation via PM. :) Looking to sell it quick as it's all just taking up useless space at this point. Local buyers preferred. Intel® Core™ i5-2300 Processor (2.8 GHz) - Rs. 3,000/- Poof... SOLD!! Quad-Cores with 4 Threads Bought in 2013 so no warranty Great...
  13. S

    FS: Processor Intel Q9450 | Abit IP35 Pro | DDR2 2GB RAM

    4000 for local buyer(s). 4500 shipped.
  14. mach9

    FS: Motherboard Asus Maximus VIII HERO Z170 Motherboard

    Wanna get rid of my lightly used Asus Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard. I've sparingly used this rig, it has mostly been in use since Aug last year once I re-based to Bombay. Before that it was mostly idle. Usage has been restricted to mostly backup's of my music and video collections from old...
  15. S

    WTB: Z87/Z97 Motherboard

    My Gryphon died last month. Thankfully it was still in warranty but Asus doesn't have replacement unit. So, I am looking for the replacement.
  16. S

    Socket 775 Motherboard

    I need a Intel socket 775 motherboard that's has at least 2 PCI slots. Motherboard should support ddr3 memory. Please send in your offers. Thank you
  17. fistea

    Intel Motherboard (1155, 3rd Gen Support)

    Location: Mumbai/Gurgaon. Need to replace old mobo which conked off- have ram(4gb x 2, corsair) and processor (i5 3450)
  18. P

    FS: Processor [PRICE DROP] Core i5 6600k (Indian warranty)

    No problem at all with the processor. Upgraded to a 6700k a while back. CPU has been sitting unused since then (only plugged in today to take CPU-Z screenshots). Box etc. is available too. For any suggestions/negotiations, please take the PM route and avoid crapping the thread. Would prefer...
  19. allrounder799

    Processor, Motherboard and RAM for PC

    I am building a new NAS for my home. For that I require the following: A B150/B250/H170 motherboard A Pentium Processor-G4560 Single DDR4 4GB RAM NAS drive like WD Red 2 TB
  20. R

    Compatibility issue regarding motherboard and graphics card