1. D

    2 ISP Internet connection for failsafe setup help needed

    hi guyz ,,i need help. I own a cyber cafe, using 1 internet connection already ,so setup is like ISP 1 > fiber> archer C7 router 1750 (,> Gigabyte 24Port Switch > 20 pcs connected with manual IP ( to 220) gateway is now today i got new connection as...
  2. P

    Android Mi A1 - No 4g/3g and weird network issues

    Hi folks, I had bought Mi A1(64GB) from the first sale of it year back in september. Exactly 1 yr after it has started showing some weird network (Vodafone) issues. 2 weeks back I was in my office in Vikhroli (Mumbai), now usually I have very good connection no issues in 4g or 3g either with...
  3. titaniumshield

    Need Help with home network layout

    Hi everyone Recently I build a few systems for my home like a home PC, Media Player and I have some future plans for the networking in my house in which I want to include a Media server. I have attached an image for reference of what I really want. I was thinking of connecting an 8 port...