1. puns

    No Political Ads on Twitter

    Frankly, political parties have enough bhakts or paid army of people to propagate their message. Twitter as a medium may have some influence but facebook is the real deal when it comes to ads. Should other social media apps follow Twitter's decision and do the same ?
  2. iPwnz

    Your thoughts on the BJP's govt. claim of "Every village in the country has been electrified."

    "Every Village Has Electricity, Says Government. A Reality Check" [NDTV] https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/every-village-has-electricity-says-government-a-reality-check-1844791 "'97% villages electrified before PM Modi came to power': Twitterati respond on 100% electrification claim"[TNM]...
  3. Futureized

    How to understand who is sending messages when received from XYZ-RRXYYZ in sender list as example. ?

    Most of messages received today come from same type of usernames and always has a 5 to 6 digit number, which cannot be contacted when you dial or send a message as always fails. How do we track this people and why do they send message if they care soo much about privacy ? This is SPAM and...