1. A

    FS: Storage Hardware Western Digital My Passport 4TB Portable Hard disk

    Selling a 4TB Western Digital portable USB 3.0 hard disk. Works great. Upgraded to 5TB hence selling this.
  2. G

    Need Suggestion on bluetooth portable speaker

    Hi Guys, im looking to buy a bluetooth portable speaker for home /outside use. I have looked at JBL Charge 3 and UE Boom 2 and both look good. I want to use it mostly at home and will be plugged in living room. The issue is that it seems that they go to sleep after some time of inactivity and...
  3. D

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Expansion 1 Terabyte USB 2.0 + CaseLogic Carrying Case

    Seagate Expansion 1 Terabyte USB 2.0 P/N: 9SD2A6-500 External Hard Drive (Black) + A Case Logic Carrying Case The drive you will notice has not been used a lot as shown by the total usage time and power up cycle. Has been carried around in the CaseLogic case for the entire period. The case has...
  4. GadVeen

    Storage Solutions [Explained] How to safely remove pen drive without ejecting

    Introduction: How many times you have come across the situation where you plug in your USB drive and see a notification informing your drive is corrupted and it needs to be repaired? In this post we will see how we can change the default behavior to avoid this situation. Background: Why does...
  5. P

    WTB Nvidia Shield

    Looking to buy the Nvidia Shield TV Box (preferably 500GB, but also open to a 16GB) and Nvidia Shield Portable. Please inbox me if you're selling! Best, Prakhar
  6. kooldude_vijit

    FS: Laptop VPCS133GN - i3 1st Gen/3GB/320GB/Backlit KB/13.3"

    For sale is Sony Vaio VPCS133GN. http://www.sony.co.in/product/vpcs133gn Comes with backlit keyboard, i3 first gen processor, 13.3" LED, 320 GB HDD and 3 GB Ram with integrated graphics. Is loaded with licensed Windows 10 Pro. Battery life is between 2 and 3 hours. Shipping will be borne by...