raspberry pi

  1. I

    FS: Others Selling Raspberry Pi Kit, WD Blue M.2 500GB SSD, Logitech G-402 Gaming Mouse

    Hello everyone, I am selling my 3 individual items: 1) Raspberry Pi 3B+ kit which includes: (almost new) Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Heatsink installed already with thermal paste) Official Element14 Power supply for Raspberry Pi QuadStore transparent case with Fan (Heatsink came with the case) Price...
  2. 6pack

    Raspberry Pi 4 announced with 4K support and up to 4GB of RAM

    https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/ Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB - Rs. 3,960 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB - Rs. 3,240 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 1GB - Rs. 2520 India prices from - https://www.silverlineelectronics.in/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-4gb.html
  3. A

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (IoT Kit), Fossil Q Marshal SmartWatch, Kindle Basic 7th Gen

    Hi Folks, Looking to sell a couple of unused tech that's been lying around for a while. 1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (IoT Kit) - Rs. 3000 Kit includes the following from this link: (Along with the camera module) https://potentiallabs.com/cart/raspberry-pi-3-iot-starter-kit-online-india Had...
  4. Emrebel

    Rpi 3B/3B+ for project

    Hey, I am looking for RPi 3B/3B+ for my project. If anyone got one to sell..feel free to send pm and quote your price and location. I am also looking for fpv cameras..
  5. T

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 2 v1.1 with Layers Case and optional 32 GB, Triple-Boot MicroSD Card

    I had purchased it as a hobbyist a little over 2 years ago and had tinkered with it for a while using Raspbian before eventually setting it up as a HTPC/retro-console. However, I really didn't need the Pi for that use case since I already had more powerful devices for the job. Hence, the device...
  6. drone

    CPU/Mobo Build your own supercomputer out of Raspberry Pi boards

    Hi Guys was Googling and found this interesting Tutorial Hope that Sheds a lot of light on Raspbians . Source : http://www.meccanismocomplesso.org/en/cluster-e-programmazione-in-parallelo-con-mpi-e-raspberry-pi/
  7. superczar

    FS: Motherboard Raspberry Pi 2 and B+

    For sale are few Raspberry PIs Raspberry Pi 2 (2000/-) Raspberry Pi B+ (1500/-) All are in Perfect working condition Reason for sale: The Pi B+ were being used for Kodi and were later upgrade to Pi 2 Recently upgraded all Kodi boxes to NUCs (needed 4K HEVC support) I am putting up the pic...
  8. itspriyank

    How to diy a steam downloader headless?

    You know how fast internet connections are in India and I usually find myself in a fix - should I leave my PC on for 2-3 days to download a 30 -40 gb game(s). Power consumption and Rs. 9 / unit ...... So is there a way to build a steam headless downloader like people have for torrents using...
  9. D

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB with Bundle

    Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB - 1GB - Quad core with Black case.Heat Sink and 8gb Micro Sd card As the tittle Suggest.Got it from Amazon on 1st October.Brand new and unused.Brought a black case,heat sinks and 8gb mmc card which is included.Card heatsink and Case is fitted.Did not even turn on for 1...
  10. S

    CPU/Mobo has there been any raspberry pi versus traditional systems fight ?

    Hi all, Got a bit of daring after seeing the Pi thread on the forum. Now I want to know does anybody know of any face-offs between Pi Model B versus say a Celeron haswell or pre-haswell as well. In some ways it probably is laughable as the Pi is a single board computer whereas even the...