1. swatkats

    Do you know Company has a One-Time Repair policy for out of warranty products?

    We might have purchased goods which costed lakhs and if its in warranty, No need to worry, What if the product is out of warranty and products and gone kaput without you doing anything (Excludes physical or liquid damage) We all put in the Hard earned money in to purchasing electronics. We...
  2. I

    Headphone repair in Bangalore

    Need to get my Beyerdynamic headphones fixed. Sound is coming out of only one side. Looks like one of the connectors might need soldering. Was wondering if anyone knows any service center in Bangalore where they fix headphones. Have another Beats headphones which also need repairing.
  3. bookoon

    Laptops Motherboard Repair

    Hi Folks My HP 360 laptop suddenly conked off a month back (Just about a month after the warranty ended). I was happily informed by HP service guys that the motherboard has gone Kaput and I need to shell 25k to replace it. To cut the story short... please advice me on where I can get this...
  4. S

    Where to repair Sony RX100 in Bangalore ?

    Folks, I am looking for reliable camera service centre in Bangalore to repair Sony RX100 M1. The camera is out of warranty. Though I gave it for repair in Sony Service Centre in Koramangala, they were unable to repair the problem properly. The problem is that the lens barrel get stuck in...
  5. A

    Audio Best Headphone / Earphone Repair Shop in Delhi NCR

    Hi, The 3.5 mm 4 pole audio jack of my high end earphone have been damaged. As my there are no service centers here in India I'm very much reluctant to get the item repaired in some shoddy shop where they may further damage the product. I'm looking to find a decent repair shop in Delhi NCR who...
  6. B

    Laptops Repair or Refurbished Laptop motherboard Mumbai

    Can anyone let me know any place in Mumbai where can I get chiplevel repairs of HP laptop motherboard. or where in Mumbai can I get a refurbished laptop motherboard. Laptop is Hp 4530s motherboard part no is 658341-001 which can be alternated with 646246-001 Had given it to Ruchi Infotech...
  7. M

    Feeling helpless with AC Repair

    I have Sharp AH XP13NRV 1.1T Invertor AC. Recently there was a voltage spike and AC stopped working. Sharp service person first tells me outdoor unit PCB is faulty. They take it to repair and then after few days, they try to install repaired PCB which still doesnt work. I dont understand point...