1. kishanks

    WTB Want to trade sealed Seasonic 850W prime titanium PSU (RMA replacement) and Asus R9 280x D2CT for GTX 1080

    Want to trade my current graphic card - Asus R9 280x D2CT and new sealed Seasonic 850W prime titanium PSU received as an RMA replacement for a GTX 1080. If anyone interested let me know.
  2. P

    Power Supply

    Looking for a good quality PSU for a new SLI/VR gaming PC. Price depends on the model/warranty etc. While I'm open to Bronze rated PSUs, my preference would be Gold/Platinum in the 750W to 1200W range. Local deals preferred but open to shipped ones too. Please PM me if you're selling...
  3. J

    FS: Desktops Closed

    CPU + Cooler + RAM + Motherboard on hold for a buyer. Intend to ship next weekend. Will close the thread once recieved. Retaining the SMPS and cabinet for now. ----- Planning to sell my Sandy Bridge system. Would prefer to sell at least CPU+MB+Cooler+Cabinet together as its got a liquid cooler...
  4. Hyperion

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Seasonic S12 II 620 W PSU

    Want to sell off my Seasonic 620 W PSU. The item is in great condition and is available with invoice and has about 2 years of Warranty in effect.
  5. A

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding SeaSonic 850W PSU - 80+ SILVER rated, IN WARRANTY

    Great condition, works perfectly, clean. NO COIL WHINE. Original box and power cable (never used) are available.