Budget 31-40k 1440p gaming suggestions

Rohit br

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Oct 10, 2019
Hello folks!! I really could use some suggestions out here regarding a 1440p gaming pc im trying to build. Now i know this requires some mid range level components but im trying to keep this build within the budget range of 35k max.
I could tweak the budget for peripherals and cabinet but on the main parts this is my pick. I know these parts are going to be outdated but pls let me know if this is going to get the job done!!
Motherboard - Asrock a320 am4 socket
Cpu - amd a8-9600 3.2ghz 4 core
Gpu - gigabyte radeon rx560 4gb
Ram - corsair vengance lpx 8gb + 4gb
Wd green ssd - 240 gb sata
Power supply - is 450w enough?
Do i need to install any fans apart from cabinet fan?

My justice to these components :
Now ive seen most of the videos from india online talking about pc build but nobody ever mentioned the kind of monitor to be chosen and also the important "freesync" technology. So following the same i chose a 24 inch Samsung monitor with 60hz refresh rate supporting freesync compatible with radeon graphics. Also i have budget limitations.
Is this amd based build going to get the job done? Can i play modern titles with decent graphics? Kindly help :)..


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Feb 5, 2008
No offense, expecting a 2k gaming rig in this budget is too much. Recommended graphic card for 2k rig, card alone would cost about 30k.
Keep your expectation bit realistic, you can get the best parts in this budget. You can expect 720p/1080p gaming with some compromise in this budget.

You can't get 2k gaming rig in this budget.
Nobody in their right mind would buy or even suggest to get A8-9600 now. It was launched about 3yrs ago, it was kinda irrelevant to consider even then with some exception.
You can't fit a dGPU in this budget with a good processor, best you can/should get in this budget is APU
If you want better performance for the money, go for dual channel memory (4+4gigs of ram or 8+8gigs of ram, not 8+4)
Yes, for APU 450w is plenty enough.
More fan depends on few factors, if temp shoots up, you can add fans later.
You can't fit 24" freesync monitor in this budget.
AMD is the best fit in this budget.


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Aug 20, 2009
Juicy Way
First of all your cpu is not going to fit that motherboard.

Secondly 35k is not even a decent 1080p budget let alone 2k.for 35k for a tower you can maybe get 1080p medium settings in games released in last 3 years. Let's try to build your pc

Cheapest AM4 cpu is around 8k.cheapest motherboard for this cpu would be 4k. Psu 3k. Cabinet 3k.graphics card rx 570 is the absolute minimum you want coz of prices 12k. Even rx 560 is 10k which is useless compared to 570. Ram 8gb is 3500. So there you go. All parts compatible and budget is already blown. Those are all approximate prices. Actuals will be higher taking the cost to at least 40k.

That's 40k with the cheapest possible components and 1080p low med settings for games released 2018 onwards. Med high for games released between 2016 and 2017. Esports will be all high settings with at least 100 fps in most games if you're into that.

If all this sounds good reply back and I'll put together the links for all components for you.