FS: Laptop 3 Weeks Old Iball Compbook Premio V.3 with 240 GB SSD/128 GB SDXC card @ 11K


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Mar 17, 2011
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It's a 3 week old Iball Compbook Premio V.3, which currently retails for 11k. I have installed a Kingston 240 GGB SSD (Rs. 2400) and an SDXC 128 GB card (Rs. 1300) in it. It's in perfect condition, almost brand new. No scratches, nothing. Indistinguishable from a new item.

It has a 14 Inch Full HD screen, which is really good, an IPS panel. 4 GB Ram. The quadcore Goldmont processor, the Pentium N4200, is not bad at all. It has 32 GB inbuilt storage as well. Everything that came with it including the box is available, and there is around a bit more than 11 Months of warranty left.
This is a very good laptop and it can actually play most games of the 7th gen era and probably the 8th gen at very low settings, although I haven't tried that. The processor performance is actually comparable to Intel's i3 3rd or 4th gen, it's actually slightly better. With the inbuilt storage and the amount I added, you get a total of 400 Gb of storage.


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