6 Yahoo! Toolbar Beta for Mozilla Firefox Browser




* Search the Web from anywhere online
* Easily discover and add RSS feeds to My Yahoo!
* Customize and access your Toolbar from any PC
* Anti-Spy for Firefox coming soon

What's in it?

If you've never used the Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer, here's a quick list of some of the cool features :

- Easy access to Yahoo! Search
- Bookmarks and custom buttons that follow you anywhere
- Search This Site to find results just for the current web site
- Search History to remember your previous searches
- Translate This Page based on the popular Babelfish tools
- Mail notification when new Yahoo! Mail arrives One click access to Yahoo! Games, Finance, News, Sports and any web site you choose
-New Feature: One click "Add to My Yahoo" on sites that provide RSS/Atom feeds

Download & more information : http://www.go4i.net/article486.html

ScreenShot : http://img169.exs.cx/img169/3967/scre1go4i3ot.png

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