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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by esanthosh, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. itsvel06

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    Got my hands on the Astell and Kern AK120 and the JVC FX850!
    JVC FX850 badly needed the mod which James from head-fi proposed; hence the scissors and the lone cut silicone...
    I must say the modded JVC is in its own class! Needless to say the combo is clearly at the top of everything portable I've owned!
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  2. chiron

    chiron Well-Known Member

    Just ordered the Philips SHP9500 on Massdrop. Hoping it will reach without any hassle.
  3. manucitc

    manucitc Well-Known Member

    I have bought them through newegg during black Friday for 61$,and I think they worth the price...
  4. chiron

    chiron Well-Known Member

    I checked newegg but it said not available for India.
  5. jared

    jared New Member

    My portable Nirvana

    Mi3> iBasso USB otg > iBasso d14> btg starlight mmcx > aaw a3h

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  6. fLUX

    fLUX Active Member

    An updated rating list over my old post

    I would rate the IEM's i had in the following order
    1) TF10
    2) Fidue A73
    3) RE262(With amp)
    4) Brainwavz M3 / SA C12
    5) RE262 (Unamped)
    6) Brainwavz R1
    7) Nuforce NE-7
    8) Sennheiser CX-180
    9) Brainwavz M1
    10) Soundmagic ES-18
    11) Xiaomi Piston V2.0
    12) Soundmagic PL-11
    13) Creative EP630

    Among the headphones i owned so far
    I) Sennheiser HD 598
    II) V-Moda M80
    III) Audio Technica ATH-M50
    IV) Denon AH-D1100
    V) Audio Technica AD700
    VI) Koss Portapro
    VIi) Grado SR80i
    VIII) Cooler Master Sirus
    IX) Sennheiser HD 280pro
    X) Sennheiser HD 202

    i)Sansa Clip + / Sansa Clip Zip
    ii) Cowon S9
    iii) Ipod Touch 4g
    iv) Samsung Galaxy S2

    Planning to get a Xduoo X2 soon.

    i) Fiio E17
    ii) Nuforce Udac

    iii) Fiio E11
    iv) Fiio E6(amp)
    v) Fiio E5(amp)
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  7. v.Na5h

    v.Na5h Well-Known Member

    Planning to get cx180 from piston 2

    You sure cx 180 is better than piston 2 and M1..
    It is quite evident or or they all fall in the same league..

    i found piston2 similar to pl11 cant say piston is better ..i mean not good as an upgrade albeit as a replacement
  8. fLUX

    fLUX Active Member

    Personally i felt the CX180 to be much better than the Piston. Brainwavz M1 had better overall SQ than the CX180 but i found the CX180 to be more fun to listen to. I found the pistons to have a flat midrange neither forward nor recessed and i did not quiet enjoy the same.

    I would put the piston ,pl-11 , ep630 in the same tier with personal preference as piston v2.0
    The m1, CX180 and Nuforce NE7 in other tier with Nuforce being the best of the lot and a very fun sound signature as well.
    P.S:- the suggestions are based on my memory of the time i owned these IEMs , currently i own only the Piston V2.0 amongst these lot
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  9. benryu

    benryu Active Member

    Any updates on IEM?
  10. geek0killer

    geek0killer Active Member

    I bought XE800,KZ ATR,ZS3

    XE800 is good but very inclined towards treble light on bass but very comfortable for my small ears. ATR is very fun V-shaped. ZS3 is very choosy, I liked it only paired with Xduoo X3, not comfy.

    X3 sounds very digital. X2 is very organic.

    Not an IEM guy, just using the bundled IEMs from LG G5 right now.
  11. benryu

    benryu Active Member

    Guys suggest a iem with mic under 2k
  12. tommy_vercetti

    tommy_vercetti Well-Known Member

  13. TigerKing

    TigerKing Member

    Budget below ₹3000.

    Things I want..
    In-Ear wired headphones,
    Good Bass,
    Crystal Clear Sound,
    Better Noise cancellation,
    Tangle free wires or braided wires etc etc

    (Sites :,, )

    Confusion between these 3.. - ₹2999 - ₹1999 - ₹2249

    Movies, TV Series and some Music on Redmi Note 4 and PC.

    Need help ASAP

    Any other earphones to consider??

    Please do tell me..

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