A USb caBle to get rid of removing wall mount TV to plug usb drive everytime

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by Futureized, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Futureized

    Futureized Well-Known Member

    I have this small issue though lot of hassle for me, everytime I load my pen drive with new stuff, I have to remove my wallmount tv as USb DRIVE jack is in center and the distance Between wall and tv is less then 2 inch, can hardly put my hand..
    I have to remove the tv from wallmount, plug in the USb DRIVE and then I can watch the pen drive content.

    Need some cable solution for same. (atleast this one seperate)

    Also suggest some solution if I can also connect hdmi etc. (PS3) through same.
  2. ankushv

    ankushv Well-Known Member

    Use a simple good quality male to female USB cable .
    Have been using the same for years .
    Some storite brand I bought from amazon .
    Cheers !
    Ankush .
  3. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    I don't think he needs a USB 3 extension cable, unless the tv supports it. USB 2 should be enough
  4. OP

    Futureized Well-Known Member

    I think i will get USb 2.X thing as tv specifications says 2.x USB support.

    Can this USb 2.x CABLE support 3.0 pen drive.
    Not looking for speed/performance at all.

    Just casual home PHOTOS mainly and videos.. from phones or camera (marriage etc.)

    Will get from some local shop as well.
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    Got a 60 INR chinese cable from local shop will send picture later..
    Lets hope it works atleast.. ;)

    There is another option of 200 INR Xiaomi MI thing.
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