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Mar 17, 2008
It was my 2015's resolution, to publish an webapp - and finally I have.

I wanted to learn a new web framework and after some research and a coin toss(!), among Ruby on Rails and Django I chose RoR. While following the tutorial, I had extended the project to make something useful - at least for me.
And here it is

It is a personal finance manager - with option to add Expenses, Incomes & Investments in various modular categories and view the same in various options like - Tabular, Graphs, PDF/excels etc. Only I have worked on it, dev and testing - so there might be some minor bugs, spelling mistakes etc.

  • Add Expense, Income, Investment transaction under various customizable Categories.
  • Option to add Reminders to transaction (Expense, Incomes) and receive notifications accordingly.
  • View the data in various customizable aggregations - monthly, yearly or custom range.
  • Various graphs - monthly, yearly, category wise etc for all transactions.
  • Export data into PDF or Excel - custom parameters.
  • Option to set monthly budget (or expense limits), adjust Balance sheet, view lifetime data, Sankey diagram etc.
  • Dashboard for concise view of current month and current year data.
  • Since it's in beta stage, I am keeping option to report any issue or request any feature.
Future plans:
  • Supporting more languages ( i18n ) - at least major Indian languages.
  • Add to Tagging the transactions.
  • Email notifications, statements etc. Currently only welcome mail is sent from the system and gmail put that in spam folder. :p :D
  • An Android App - may be.
Frameworks & libraries used
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bootstrap - for UI (I have written very few CSS.)
  • Google MDL framework for web
  • jQuery, coffe-script, SASS.
  • Google analytics.
  • Lots of Ruby Gems - Prawn for PDF, axlsx, chartkick etc etc.
  • Hosted in Digital Ocean in Ubuntu/Nginx/pqsql
  • Dev env : Cloud9 IDE initially, later moved to local Linux Mint machine with Aptana Studio 3.

To view the various functionality, people can use the below demo credentials and can create their own. (no email verification used. Only captcha)
email: demo@thefinsight.com
password: password

Comments and suggestion are very much welcome.