ACT FIBERNET: Why we will never offer Unlimited Plans


May 20, 2020
Similar thing happened to me but with BSNL. Their record didn't match my usage, like at all. I raised a complaint but didn't know how to prove it. Their office employees are all clowns. I even met the GM and the AGM but it was useless.
If someone knows a tip or two I'm all ears. I don't know how true this is but theu said the server is in Kolkata. If possible I would like to get the raw data usage info directly from their server.
They have just started putting in Jio lines in my locality. Being a t2/t3 town I honestly am not sure how good it will be despite their assurances.
One thing is to install a data cap on your router. I dunno how to go about it sadly but I do take screenshots from my router page. It's way less than what those morons tell at ACT.