ACT internet review - 6 months. (Its Great )


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Oct 7, 2010
ACT silver promo plan 6 months ago. Rs. 5350 for 6 months + 1 month free . 100mbps 500GB/month. monthly is 750+tax = 840

Location: Delhi

Connection speed:
Simply fantastic. Never noticed any speed drop. multiple users streaming downloading content. no issues.
Ping: Am terrible FPS and No one to player online with except anonymous chess :( So can't comment on ping . nephew did play fortnite without complaint though. Will test it later.
Jitter: online test show no jitter issues (0ms / 1ms)

4 times in 6 months. 2 times the problem was in the whole area, once it got solved own its own in 15 minutes. Last time it got solved after 4-5 business hours.
Great thing - in the all cases had to call once. Got accurate information about when it will get solved and it did around that time.

-Installation took 14 days and did not get any information abt when it will get installed. Didn't get response on email. I got pretty worried about how the service would be.
- First time had problem communicating when net went down. Call center number had a major persistent error, it simply wasn't working for like a month. OTP for online chat had a huge delay etc. email didn't give response. I was really worried here. sent mails to the nodal office. They did reply. Communication has since been super smooth since then.

500GB is great for me. Do download and stream and seed. Have not used more than 350GB.
Extra data costs are fair . 100GB for 600, with 3 month validity! 3 months validity. Very unlike airtel who are stingy! kanjoos data choos.


Additional Box Requirement:
ACT required a box to be installed. Box provides 8-10 homes connection. Needed a power connection for it and a place. They will give Rs.100/month to whoever(me) provides power for box . Turns out to be a non issue. Box is hangs outside on the wall. Takes immeasurable amt of electricity.

TLDR: Super satisfied. Kick ass connection. Installation took time, but early service issues got solved. Problems are rare. Accurate info about fixing problems.
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Jul 16, 2011
Make sure you ask for wavier , If you face downtime for more than 15hrs out of 720hrs in a month, You're eligible for a waiver for the downtime days.