Air conditioner Maintenance Tips

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by vijaycool, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. accharu

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    Thanks Vijay. Shall I spray water with a hose on the fan blades inside the mesh on the outdoor unit? They are very dusty.
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    Thanks man for the wonderful post, it was very informative.! good going...
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    Fantastic...very informative writings-
    Thank you for that.
  4. MohitPreet

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    ok tell me one thing when the summer season is off like in october- november when thers no need of ac, shud the ac servicing be done during that time and get it all covered before the next season or shud it be done before the summer season starts!!
  5. smAsh

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    Experts say that you should get your AC cleaned(wet cleaning) at summer start and summer end. Cleaning at summer start ensures the clean air and better power efficiency. Cleaning at summer end ensures the rust-free keeping of AC. Normally people get their AC cleaned and serviced at summer start.
  6. OP

    vijaycool Well-Known Member

    Do not keep the machine idle say for 4-5 months. It is a sure sign of trouble. Always turn on a/c atleast once in a month for 30 mins. This ensure proper circulation of oil and coolant.
  7. manickavasagamt


    i have a hitachi 1.5 split ac . installed three months back. it works well cools well. i need clarification on few things about my ac. 1, a small roaring sound is there for about 3 to 4 seconds during the start of ac. even in fan mode.2. will there be a gas leak as the installation man lost one of the valve cap. 3. the copper tube used to connect the two units was shaped into a arc ( length of arc not more than 1 feet)and the indoor and outdoor units were connected. should the copper tube be bent in inverted u shape or can the copper tube be even a straight one .will there be any effect on the compressorif the connecting tube is just straight and short, not having any bend
  8. OP

    vijaycool Well-Known Member

    You mean "Swoooshhh" sound when compressor starts or "grrr-grrrr-grrr" sound. If its a later one then you have faulty bush(no ball bearings used in the unit). if its former one then its completely normal. Its due to the gas flow during the startup. Possible answer is because of very small distance between compressor and IDU. We have the same swooshhhh sound as our installation is less than meter distance.
    Hope it helps.
  9. sweety32

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  10. rohitbansal76

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    Good information Vijay. Please tell us if we do the following

    If the outdoor unit of split ac is put on the floor then we can do the following to make the AC more efficient.

    Put a 5 inch deep water tray below the outdoor unit of split ac and give it water connection with float valve. Now put a small water pump which we use in domestic air cooler and give it parallel supply from compressor so that when compressor starts water pump also start and water flows from this pump. The output pipe of this pump to be put on the coil of the outdoor unit.

    Now AC will take less ampere and will be more efficient even in very temperature.

    A technician told me that we can clean the coils with acid or caustic soda. These things will clean the dirt nicely which is not possible with detergents. I don't know whether it will be harmful for AC
  11. Grease Monk

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    With air conditioners that have a separate 'cooling' and 'dehumidifying' mode, which one consumes less electricity for a specified temperature?
  12. thetoxicmind

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    For Window ACs (and SPLIT ACs), I suggest taking out the "Filter" and washing it every two months. Take extra care while removing it, as it varies across manufacturers.

    The simplest thing one can do to maintain the effectiveness of the AC, over a long period of usage! ;)
  13. accharu

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    It should work. Already large AC units are doing this thing only. But our outdoor units are designed for Aircooling and not for water cooling. In the longer run won't the unit get rusted due to constant water dripping? The fins may get clogged with salt? In that case it will brittle.
  14. accharu

    accharu New Member

    Bigger units are water cooled like this only. But our units are designed for Aircooling and not for water cooling. So constant splashing of water will rust the iron and also if the water is salty then it will brittle the aluminium. If those things can be compenstated it will work really well in less humid areas.
  15. New Member

    guys, i have a simple query.

    what is the initial 3-5 minute run in period in AC for, before the compressor actually starts up?

    Also, in case you happen to switch on the AC without this mode (the compressor directly), is it harmful for the AC?

    Thank you!
  16. hA1d3R

    hA1d3R Well-Known Member

    i dont think thats harmful but run in period is useful if there is frequent power outage
  17. bitspilani

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    Which is best stablizer for 1.5 ton ac?
    shops say bluebird doesnt give home service.....
    other companies give 5 yr warranty and home service :huh:
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    Hi Vijay,
    Thanks for the good information. I'm from chennai and I have already paid to the technician around Rs 5000 bucks. But no use still the cooling is hectic and came to know after reading this useful tips that fellow cheated me and not yet fix the gas leaking issue. Please let know if you can recommend some good technician to me for investigate and fix the gas leakage issue.
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  19. abhifusion

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    Very informative thread :) ...
    I have 1.5Ton Samsung split AC which needs to refill gas every alternate year. This year I have spent 2200 bucks for refill and the gas was filled upto 45bar pressure at suction by the technician. Now its been a month or so and cooling have drastically reduced. It hardly gets room temps down by 5 degrees even if unit is set at 18 degrees. I'm getting real sick of this gas recharge sham; want to know if I can procure the small refill cylinder and pressure gauge & do the refill myself ??
  20. hotshot05

    hotshot05 Well-Known Member

    First check for a leak in the pipe connecting the IDU with the ODU.
    If possible, get it replaced first.

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