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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by vijaycool, Feb 23, 2009.

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    living in 1bhk and the ac is not doing very good cooling. It is alright i would say. Room really isn't too big and the ac is windows 1.5T... I told the caretaker but all he did was change the filters... what else i can do? I have to have a fan ON everytime , even then there is ok cooling. This is not just me, even my gf comes at my home every now and then and she told me the same thing.THis is getting frustrating. What can I do? it's not like there is no cooling.. but just not good enough cooling. any help?
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    - Is your AC sized correctly for the room?
    - If the air filters have been changed, has the heat exchanger/evaporator in the IDU (the one with all the metal fins) been cleaned out? Air has to flow through a heat exchanger for it to be cooled.
    - Similarly the heat exchanger/condenser in the ODU needs to be cleaned as well.
    - Have the IDU fan blades been cleaned out? The fan blades are closely packed and can cause a drastic drop in air volume if clogged.
    - Is the refrigerant gas pressure within spec?
    - How old is the AC? Are the high-side / low-side pressures within spec i.e. the compressor is healthy?
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    Well nothing to report. The same AC is running as usual went with yearly cleaning routine as in the thread. There was an issue as soon as the compressor is switched on malfunction indicator begins to blink. The AC wont cutoff even after arriving at preset temp or even switchoff in remote. Have to physically turnoff the mcb to stop the compressor running. Gave the faulty board to an renowned repair guy and even after 10 days he couldnt able to fix. Scratching the head I started to search for possible solution with the IC number on the board. Its a Toshiba AC rebranded as Carrier. Got some tips on the internet and able to find the error code and turns to be indoor fan motor faulty but its running fine. Added few drops of engine oil to the bimetallic motor bearing, viola the error code issue is solved but motor is I have to change it with another one now. But as of now even after 11 years it cools like a champ. ODU is the most silent among neighbors.
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    Shouldn't you grease it instead of oiling it? I learnt by accident that any motor oil is made for high temps and at high temps that motor oil becomes very light and melts away grease in bearings. I had put castrol engine oil in ceiling fan bearings and every bit of grease left came off. It was flying off the fan. Like hot drops of oil or grease. Had to waste lot of time cleaning up the bearings with WD40 to remove all the left over engine oil and dust. I replaced it with white grease and no more creaky noise or rattling.

    Edit: Never mind. I think my doubts are cleared after reading this link.
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    @adventureguy Carrier and Toshiba have had a JV for a long time.
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    Bi metallic bearing does not have ball races inside. Its just a bronze bush riveted to the frame. All bi metallic bush needs to be lubricated with oil only. Further the motor is sealed , no way to open and do repairs. Ceiling Fan usually comes with ball bearings and it needs to be greased
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    Always put a cover on the Air Conditioner when it is cold reason, Also make sure the Air Conditioner is plugged directly to the main supply. Don't give the remote control to kids. Also clean the outdoor unit every year to remove the dirt/

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