Airtel Broadband - Fraudulent usage


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Sep 23, 2007
My Airtel broad band plan is 40GB limit at 4Mbps with an FUP of 512Kbps later. Billing date is 26th of every month. Since last few months I have been seeing that the data is being exhausted with not much activity on my internet from my side. This month, the 40GB limit got exhausted on 16th. I biught a smart byte for 5 GB and added some Mybundle offer of 5GB for the fixedline which was applicab to be active only between 10PM and 6 AM.
2 days ago I realised that I am back on 512 Kbps. Whne contacted, Customer support executive said that I have exhausted all of 50GB!!! I mean WTF!!!

1. There is no way I can consume 5 GB in 3-4 days when I have not downloaded any movie and all we do at home is surf for articles and read and not watch much videos(atleast those 4 days).

2. That MyHome bundle is applicable only at night times. So how the hell did that get exhausted when i didn't even use internet at night times??

Airtel is just eating into my broadband limit and expects me to buy smart bytes after smartbytes.
Did anyone else face this? I think I am seriously going to switch to something else with an after FUP speed of 1Mbps.


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Dec 24, 2006
Log in to the Airtel portal and check your usage. It shows the breakup of when data was downloaded.