ASUS SmartDoctor 4.68


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Feb 9, 2005
Author: ASUS


Size: 6.2 Mb

License: Freeware

Requires: Win All

ASUS SmartDoctor2 is designed to satisfy two major goals. One is to monitor graphic chip Status, altering users about abnormal events, such as fan malfunction or chip overheat. The other, as the name SmartDoctor implies, is to cool down the graphic chip smartly when it is not necessary for it to be kept running at full speed. SmartDoctor2 includes AGP Power Level Monitoring, Fan RPM Monitoring, Overheated protection, Smartcooling technology, and Manual Overclocking.
Main Features:

- Monitor graphic chip temperature, fan speed and voltage.

- Notifies user about irregular hardware events, such as temperature overheat, fan malfunction, and out-of-safe-range voltage.

- Forcibly cools down the graphic chip when the graphic chip from overheat damage.

- Cools down the graphic chips temperature when it is idle, and restores it to its maximum capability once needed, thus smartly extending the graphic chip lifetime.

- Cools down the CPU's temperature (for Windows 98/98 SE only) to lengthen CPU lifetime.

- Sets monitor's tolerable range or value to fit system's requirement.

- Speeds up system by adjusting core and memory clock slider manually.
Limitations: Only works with ASUS Cards.

Source and download: majorgeeks