Back Pain middle-left deep inside the body


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Mar 27, 2005

I have marked below in black where I still feel the muscular pain. The pain is deep within the body, not on the body surface.

2 months back I was doing dumbbell rows exercise and I lifted more weight than I can handle, this led to bending of my back while putting down the weight (while doing the left side) and I had a bad mid back on left side. I was prescribed muscle relaxant, heat & cold therapy for 1 month, lower back stretches and asked to stop all gym & running. Now after 2 months, my pain still exist (slightly lessened in intensity though) and I still do the lower back stretches. What should I do? Whch type of doctor should I go to again?


hmmm..hi, i too workout regularly... the problem wasnt because you lifted more weight than you could handle, but that you lifted it in the wrong posture. our spine is made to support itself, and not too much extra weight. for that, you should always have a straight back and bend with your knees. observe monkeys or toddlers who can walk and roam here and there trying to pick up stuff from the floor. that mental stage, unconsciously they follow the automatic instinct of being in a correct posture.. even the lightest item is picked up by bending with knees only .. you'll never see them bending only with back and trying to lift things..

anyway, now that you have already stretched your back muscles, all I can recommend is light flexibility exercises. no weight lifting at all, you can do spine strengthening exercises lightly.. ones by lying down on floor on your back.knees bent, and then lifting your pelvis, hold for a few seconds, then down. do this exercise everyday, and do enough repetitions everyday to be able to feel the flexing of the 2 main muscles beside your spine on either sides.

one very big and strong recommendation, STOP SLEEPING ON A SOFT BED. take a proper pillow, put a durry or thick blanket on the floor, and sleep on that with your back on the floor. in the dead mans position. also known as shavasan. this is my strongest recommendation for anyone in general to rid themselves of back pain and other small issues. if you're using a spring mattress, stop immediately. if you're using one of those extra soft mattresses like they have in hotels, stop immediately. they ruin the spine position while sleeping and put pressure on muscles.

any stretching exercises should be done slowly with full and conscious muscle control and patience. eg. if you're unable to reach a certain position in any exercise due to lesser strength or flexibility, dont jerk yourself into reaching that position. eg. many guys in the gym, try to do dumbbell exercises with jerks coz they're lifting weights they cant lift slowly and with control. so they just jerk their hands to reach the top position.[DOUBLEPOST=1425721984][/DOUBLEPOST]even if you have the traditional cotton stuffed mattress, but its old and lost uniformity, or has those knots pressing points in your body while lying down, stop using it. either sleep on the floor, (not bare , but with durry or thick blanket spread out) or go to the market, and get the hardest foam or coir mattress available. but only the hardest, and not even one hardness level less than the hardest.


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Well I suffer from a gap on my spine exactly in between mid of the spine bone. The gap can easily be felt. I had severe pain for almost an year. Pain use to occur in the gap and the area you marked - sideways.

It use to trouble when I use to sit longer in front of pc, 3-4hrs nonstop. It also pained if I use to do a lot of physical activity like lifting heavy stuff, household chores etc.

Visit to Dr was always frightening and he asked me to undergo mri, xray etc.
Instead I googled and found that surgery only makes matter worst and is just a waste of money and time.
I use to occasionally apply relispray and balms. Never took painkillers though.
Slept on floor on a mat. No spongy bed. It helped a lot. Then started back exercises, not gyming and that helped too. Now my pain reduced by 85%. It still pains at times for work which we cant avoid but its pretty manageable now.

I came to conclusion that wearing heavy shoes or boots, improper posture, over work or strain on back etc. are the contributors to back pain.