Battlefield 2 due in June 2005


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Jan 28, 2005

DICE's financial report reveals its much-anticipated PC shooter won't deploy until the final part of Q2; console version due on "Microsoft's forthcoming platform" by year's end.

Throughout history, major military offensives have seen their launch dates in constant flux. Such was the case with Battlefield 2, one the most anticipated military games of 2005. Originally set for a "Spring 2005" release, the game was moved to a March release date last year, just before slipping back to its original second quarter window.

Now it seems the game is getting a more concrete release date. In the annual earnings report it released today, Battlefield 2 developer Digital Illusions CE (DICE) revealed that its flagship shooter won't hit PCs until the end of the second quarter. "The release date of Battlefield 2 has now been set to June 2005," read the company's financial report, which did not list a specific date. "This implies that Digital Illusions will not be making any game releases in the first quarter of the current year."

Besides the Battlefield 2 information, DICE's earnings report made official what its release schedule accidentally revealed last November: that Battlefield: Modern Combat will be released for the next-generation Xbox in 2005. "At least two game releases are planned for 2005--Battlefield 2 for PC and Battlefield Modern Combat for Xbox, Playstation 2 and Microsoft's forthcoming platform," read the report.

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About BattleField 2:

Its the successor to Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam. Currently carrying the working title of Battlefield 2, the PC shooter will be developed by Digital Illusions CE (aka DICE) and published by Electronic Arts under an agreement signed last year.

Battlefield 2 is set in the modern era and will allow players to employ many of the most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems currently available. The new engine incorporates a realistic material penetration feature, measuring each weapon's ability to fire through different materials and forcing players to distinguish between concealment and cover.

The environments in Battlefield 2 will include everything from remote forests to city streets, and, intriguingly, every map in the game will adjust in scale according to the number of players in the world--ensuring a perfect vehicle-to-player ratio at all times. It's a feature that makes a lot of sense, given that the game has the potential to support more than 100 players simultaneously and that there could be more than 30 different types of vehicle in use during a battle.

In team-based online battles, players will have the option to either join a squad on the front lines or to work behind the scenes in commander mode--issuing instructions to their teammates. With in-game success, players will be able to increase their rank from recruit up to general, unlocking additional weapons, medals, vehicle decals, and the like en route.

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