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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by Techno, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Techno

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    Please suggest a good quality powerbank on amazon who's battery capacity dosen't reduce after 3-4 months.

    Budget is under 1000 rs.
  2. chetansha

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  3. nRiTeCh

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    I'm using Ambrane since 2014. Its capacity has just dropped by 10-15%. Use it mostly while traveling which is once in two months or so. And occasionally during power cuts or at night where there aint any power outlet near my bed.
    Serves me pretty decently.
  4. vivek.krishnan

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    Spend an additional 300-400 INR and get the 20k mAh one from Mi.
  5. adventureguy

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    Mi powerbank is the best imo. It even has low power mode to charge small items like miband etc which accept low power
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  6. Futureized

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    Doesnt Mi got very pathetic reviews on power explodes on there devices ?
    Entire Internet is against there devices ?
  7. adventureguy

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    even samsung note 7 exploded. does that mean all phones exploded? even few apple phones exploded. xiaomi sells millions of devices each other and barely 2-3 phones exploded

    im still using OG mi powerbank bought 4 years ago. still works fine.
  8. blr_p

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    Under a 1k is going to be difficult.

    As for best it would have to be the ravpower 20100, paid 7k for it over a year back. It charges everything from bt headsets to phones. It can fast charge itself which was completely missing from power banks back then. Who wants to wait 15h for the thing to charge !!

    It also has usb c-pd and accepts charging that way as well so i use my laptop charger to charge it. Anker never brought out a competitor to this model

    Power bank is only good for 60% of its stated capacity if contains li-ion cells maybe 70% if it has Lipo cells. Using a battery to charge another battery is inherently inefficient. So I see no point in getting a power bank that is less than 20k mah. Power bank of said capacity is good for four full recharges of a phone with battery 3000mah
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