Best way to protect gadgets/ surge protector

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by RakaKaKaka, Nov 9, 2018.

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    How are those belkin surge protector extension cord ? My air purifier and router are currently on a multi plug. Do these actually help protect the gadgets used through it? Any better option if no?
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    If it does something useful, then we are viewing relevant specification numbers that say so.

    Human safety says it better have a circuit breaker or fuse so as to not overload the connected wall receptacle.
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    I have learned a lot after reading your posts but a lot of reading was required online afterwards.
    However, I feel, that sometimes you should dumb down your response so that someone not inclined to read on and learn can get the answer he is looking for.
    Not an attempt to discourage you but just felt you could help more people if your posts had more clear/exact instructions.
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    Anything that says 'what to do' and does not include the so many reasons why is useless information. Those who want to be told 'how to think' or 'what to do' are people who also blindly vote for extremist leaders and are easily scammed.

    Posts that include 'reasons why' target the better educated (informed). They routinely ignore anything that does not say why with perspective (numbers).

    Anything that is understood in a first reading was already known - did not provide (say) anything useful. A good post typically requires at least three rereads to grasp that new information. Even geniuses must read something multiple times to learn.

    This concept was learned from automobile shop manuals when cars would routinely fail in 2 years. I broke the back by falling asleep on some manuals. But I learned how those 'creatures' worked and why so many failed. (In most cases, traceable to car company top management.) And I learned that nothing useful is available (provided) if everything is grasped in a first read.
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