Biostar - Abacus Peripherals - RMA complaints


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Sep 18, 2011
Hi guys,
need your help out here.
i bought an BIOSTAR TA 790 GXE 128 M + AMD PHENOM 2 555 BE one and a half years back.
System was running well till march 2012 .
motherboard was given to the service center ABACUS peripherals at grant road ,mumbai.
repaired mother board was given to me after 20days which went dead in 7 days.
After that ,was given a used motherboard 5 times and each time the motherboard turned out to be defective or devoid of some features.
I spoke to the RMA in charge who is offering me an new biostar 790 GX based model for which i have to pay RS 750/ extra
Iam really in a dilema whether to accept this board or not since this board is really outdated.

Till date i been to the service center 13 times and have six RMA receipts from month of march till now

tell me guys

what can one expect from the company , a brand new board or an old out of production motherboard.
what should i expect .

i sent an email to to the company after which RMA incharge called me and sent me an email saying he would sort out the issues.

iam really frustrated with the way things are moving and the Rma incharge is a liar and till now he 's givien me nothing but sweet lies.

should i file an consumer complaint in a court .

Ps : can some one share his experience where he has been replaced with a new motherboard .