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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by John4321, Feb 23, 2019.

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    I am looking for CCTV camera installation for my entire Bldg/society/colony which is around 50k sq ft. Which 1 would be good let me know. Which one should I select. My bldg managing committe has got a quotation from Zicom 15k per month for 3 years on rental basis for 20 cameras and after 3 years they are all ours. So we just need to take care of maintenance after that. For these 3 years they will help with recording and all. I need your suggestions where i can save my entire bldg member's money guys. 540k total amount of 3 years. a very big amount. Please guide me on which cctv cameras to purchase in today's time which can work in all weather conditions night and day both
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    A 2MP camera is around 3.5K on average.
    An NVR (32CH) should not cost more than 20K.

    These are for H.265..

    4TB HDD should be around 8K.
    POE switch of 24port should be around 18K.
    Rack and other items would cost around 10K, including a good UPS for these.
    TV - 13K or less, 32inch.

    Add 1.18 multiplier for GST.

    For wiring I would say its 5K per 305m for CAT6, add some tubing which depends.
    Labour - not more than 20/metre.

    Also, see if Zicom is doing an apple to apple comparison. I think they will give turboHD cameras.
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    Don't go for Zicom. Trust me.

    Look up Securizen. Contact Mr Sandeep Patil
  4. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    +1 on that. I too think Zicom is trying to fleece the customer. Not heard a lot of good things about the service either....
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    I got my entire society's cctv done through Securizen. It was a no brainer. This monthly charge stuff is non sense. If you work out the cost, you're better off owning the entire system as assets itself.

    Btw, Sandeep did it for us over 4/5 years ago. Everything from site layout and survey, location planning for camera positioning based on distance, coverage and clarity, camera installation, wiring, DVR purchase, setup, installation, UPS purchase and installation, rack procurement etc etc. It was a start to end commission and they delivered it solidly covering entry exits, lifts, 2 levels of parking (ground+podium) as well as 2 levels of refuge areas for a 14 storey building with 2 wings. The system works fine till date with no major issues and cameras performing decently 24x7 including monsoons. Occasional faulty cameras were replaced based on warranty period. The cameras used at that time were Hikvision/Honeywell. Today's camera technology is far superior and you can be sure it'll be much better value for money.
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