Cheap way to earn more: TataSky - Sony,Indiatoday Fiasco

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  1. swatkats

    swatkats Keeping TE Alive!

    So, TataSky basically says that SET channels Bouquet and Indiatoday and other few channels have been dropped due to non renewal of agreement which expired 2 months back.

    TataSky in its defense says Sony group has demanded to increase the rates and they wouldn't agree, So SET shut down the broadcast to TS subscribers.


    Sony clarified it has nothing to do with them and they have not demanded any price increase.

    Now with the huge backlash from the TataSky Subscribers, They are bringing back the channels with one condition --- You have to give missed call to view that channel.


    Wait, What the F***. You understand the chirp here.. You have to manually activate the channel which you are paying for... If you understand the agreements between broadcasters and DTH companies, rates are decided for each subscriber. So if you don't subscribe to ... TataSky saves the money which they collected from you, Whether you paid annually,Semi-annual or Monthly.

    We're Down to this level of cheap business methods. A few suits have been filed against TataSky in the consumer forums and the results is awaited.



    If you're unable to view dial these or the one's display on your TV.

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  2. vishalrao

    vishalrao Global Moral Police

    Some channels I watch usually are totally gone with no option to give missed call to bring them back. Like AXN (HD), Sony Le Plex (HD movies) and Sony BBC Earth (HD).
  3. CapriAnupam

    CapriAnupam Well-Known Member

    This is becoming a trend now.

    I had a similar experience with our last cable operator, which I think was Siti Cable. Suddenly, all Sony channels were stopped. We complained and the guys who came to collect money said that the channels will be on in a few days. Several days went by, and still nothing. Then, next month, he came to take money and my mother said that first you start the Sony channels, and then we will give money. He said to send your card number to a number on Whatsapp and they will start it. He started telling my mother that it doesn't work this way... you will have to pay upfront, and then we will start it. Well, somehow by that evening, the channels were started. But then, towards the end of the month, again the channels were gone. Again, he came and my mother said the same thing, and this time, I thought of giving money, since he had started the channels last time. Well, they didn't start it. Just took the money and went away giving false promises that the channels will be started in 1-2 hours.

    I had to call them a few times before the channels were started. We were asked the card number for it to start. When I called up the local office owner to say your staff said to start but didn't do... he said, leave what they said... what can I do... you tell me the card number. Then he started after channels sometime.

    Means, this is the condition. When you tell their staff, or call them, they say we will start soon, but never do. And when you complain to their owner, he just dismisses it. What's this attitude.

    Next month, same thing happened, and we were said to again Whatsapp our card number. So, this was the limit for me, and on the 1st of the month, I called the owner, and said to disconnect our connection. He said why are you doing this.. it will be fine in a few days and there will be a new management and all and things will improve.. you have been with us so many years, so bear for one month more. I said alright, let's see. But next month, again same story. So, this time I called and said to disconnect. He said okay, will do so till evening. It wasn't disconnected. I called up again, and he said some software upgrade was going on, so it won't be disconnected now, but after sometime. I called him for 2-3 days, and he would give the same answer.

    Then, I called their head office of my city. The guy there told to talk to the local cable operator. I said I have, and I told him to make me talk to someone in authority. He talked to someone and they refused to talk I think, and so he put down the phone. I called him up again, and he says that we cannot do anything.

    I mean it was ridiculous!

    Then, I searched for their toll free number, and registered a complaint there. They said it will be done by evening. It wasn't done. I called them again, and told my complaint number and all...and they said it takes 24 hours, and to check after 24 hours. I waited for 24 hours... still not disconnected. Then, I again called, and this time they said that they cannot do it, and I have to talk with the local cable operator only. By this time, I was really frustrated and gave them a piece of my mind. After that, they told me to call the head office... again!! I mean what the heck! I called the head office again, and I told him the situation, and he gave me the number of someone high up in authority. I called him up and the guy first asks, where did you get this number from. I was like, really?

    Then he too says to me that I will have to talk to the local operator, and he just disconnected the phone. I mean this was ridiculous.

    I went and talked to another cable operator, and he said that unless he disconnects, we can't give you a new connection, because of some agreement between these operators.

    I called up the owner again, and asked him to disconnect, and he says he would do it and not to call him again and again. I asked when will u do it, because you are not disconnecting. I said others won't give me connection, because U won't disconnect. He says to me, you can try to get another connection, no one will give you. I said are you threatening? Then he calmed his tone down, and said why you want to disconnect and all. I said I don't want your services anymore, and please disconnect. I said I won't give you any money, because you aren't disconnecting. He said okay, I won't ask any money from you even if use the whole month.

    Still after that, he didn't disconnect. Then in a few days, we had to leave to another city and we stayed there for a month and a half. When we came back, I found that on turning the connection on, it says card not authorized. I took this opportunity, and went to the other cable connection guys, and asked them for a new connection. He said that the message means he still hasn't disconnected, but we will give you the new connection. So, we got their connection.

    Now, you know, when new month started, the old cable staff came to get money!!! He asked for money for previous two months... ridiculous! See the audacity of these guys! We told them we had got a new connection already, and that we had already told for disconnection. Then, he left and didnt come back again.

    This was a really disturbing and horrifying experience for me. I mean, they weren't disconnecting at all. Their head office in the city wouldn't do it.. calling their toll free office wouldn't do it.. I mean somewhere someone high has to listen, right? But, it was like they all were in this together, and they just didn't want to let us go, forcefully.

    If we hadn't gone away to another city, I am sure this would have turned really ugly, and we either would have to go and fight at their office... or we would have to complain in some forum... or, we might just have to continue with them. I had got really disturbed by all this, because I didn't know what to do.

    The current cable operator too stopped Star channels for a few days, but atleast they didn't do such drama to Whatsapp our card number to get the channels. They said there was some agreement problem. And the channels returned.

    But really, everywhere it is like that now... they just want your money, but they do not want to provide good service to you. Customers just don't matter at all. It's really sad and pathetic, and really, there should be somewhere we can go, where we can complain, because such guys need to be punished hard.
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  4. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    Sony wants to loot customers as they have a grand base compared to star and zee. Sony is to be completely blamed. Didnt knew Sony is so bhikari.
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  5. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    Is this sony's fault or tatasky's or both?
  6. OP

    swatkats Keeping TE Alive!

    If it was sony's. Tata should have given customers a heads up and say hey we're having issue with Zee or Sony, So we will be taking them off Air after 2 months!

    Just like the tariff cannot be raised until 6 months from the date of subscription. Tata cannot anything as they wish. They're bound by some rules to the customers, Vice-Versa.

    Looks like Tata Sky was trying threatening tactics to scare off Sony in order to maintain similar pricing agreements.
  7. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    If it was tata then they wouldn't have removed these channels completely- Axn, le plex, pix nonhd and bbc earth.
    Instead it would had given similar option of activating these with the usual missed call likewise for other sony channels.

    Seems sony was very much firm and demanded a steel hike hence tata had no option but to pull these channels off air as it cannot pass the burden on to the customers nor it will consider the needless hike.
  8. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    I think the missed call option is a negotiating tactic by tata sky. they'll see how many customers call the phoneline and then decide on the rate to pay sony
  9. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Putting an AD saying we have not increased prices, I find that hard to believe. This is Sony, after all. They seem to be asking for a bigger share since DTH users have increased.

    Also, a dick move from Tata. They should have informed 24 to 48 hours before via SMS. Not after removing the channels.

    In the end, I think its time to get the actual rates out. I find it hard to believe that some channels cost a bomb, when all you can do is watch what they offer, at their time, with ADs. It's time for streaming to take over.
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  10. rdst_1

    rdst_1 Well-Known Member

    What action can be taken against Tata Sky for not providing the channels that were part of the pack when we had originally subscribed to them.
    I had subscribed to the semi-annual packs and it doesn't expire till January. Aren't they legally obliged to provide all those channels till the plan runs out.
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  11. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    Let start a petition against tata sky.
  12. OP

    swatkats Keeping TE Alive!

    Blackmailing tactics this.. I've seen this before with Hathway and Siti cable to Sony.

    If you increase prices we'll black you out and keep your channels as A-la-carte (on customer's demand = 95% loss indirectly to Sony)

    Billing is done per subscriber (Rs 1-2 depending on size of their subs base)
  13. mach9

    mach9 Das Layzeemeister

    Exactly my thoughts... I paid them in advance and they're bound to provide it... How can they simply withdraw the channels for which they have charged in advance? Surely this reason is not force majeure under any circumstances which are normally pay of contacted clauses so since they had enough time to sort things out.. by withdrawing the channels they have cheated people
  14. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    Wait till Jio rolls out. Tata sky will come back to its senses.
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  15. rdst_1

    rdst_1 Well-Known Member

    I have asked them the same question via chat and they have given me a complaint number. I think those are just delay tactics. They are going to make me miss out on the Connor McGregor fight. I only watch sports religiously on TV as other shows etc. can be downloaded and watched.
    Let's see what they reply. Otherwise, I am asking for a refund and dragging them to consumer court for sure if they don't give me a refund.
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  16. William_Mboy

    William_Mboy Member

    This is 100% tata sky's doing, they are biggest jews of this country.
    Most overpriced dth and still they force multiple ADs on every platform they can.

    You press select you get ad on left side, you press guide you get AD on top right.

    You change channel and they will randomly include their own ridiculous service like guruji/manager/dancing.

    You turn ON your dth and they give you their home channel shilling their own service or straight up ADs from naaptol or whoever wants to pay.

    They were charging Rs150 for their mobile TV but then JioTv came and they gave in and made it free with handful channels.
    People think Airtel was bad but you cannot even come close to these tata sky kikes.

    I'm just stuck with them because i got their HD PVR and i cannot watch shows live so i record them.
    If jio comes and lets me watch/stream week old programs then i will dump these greedy scum in a second.
  17. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    I have contacted them today and took their classes, asked them all sort of questions and they had no answers for few of them.
    Eg: When I asked about PiX Hd being active and non hd Pix been discontinued where logically hd channels cost more than non hd, he said demand for Pix hd is more among viewers. This is the shiitiest answer one can expect and they dont even know how to even lie.

    And for Bbc earth, axn etc he said we got alternatives like ngo, discovery etc. And these channels will be back sooner or later.

    When I asked what about the subscribers who have subscribed to some channels on a per la carte basis/individually? He was speechless for quite a time and then we are looking into it.
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  18. mach9

    mach9 Das Layzeemeister

    Coincidentally my annual pack was due for renewal yesterday. Am not gonna renew it. They definitely gonna call to beg. Then I'll have some fun with them
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  19. jaydipmori

    jaydipmori Well-Known Member

    i dropped tatasky a year ago..with 4 mulitple connection was paying 1.2K each month
    Now i have DishTV @220 per month +1149rs free to air recharges for 3 year

    Paying 270 - 50 discount via various app so in all 220 rs i m seeling ALL HD channels avalalible in Dish TV
    I m totally happy now
  20. skoka123

    skoka123 Well-Known Member

    The solution for this is to provide CAM (conditional access modules) or something equivalent. TRAI should make it mandatory for all DTH and Cable TV operators to make it compliant with Universal STBs. Today, stuck with TataSky because of the HD PVR. No other DTH operator comes close to it.
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