Current Indian ISP Situation


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Aug 16, 2018
Was an MTNL customer for years - their tariff rates are a Robin Williams level joke compared to their speeds.

Switched to Excitel - worked without much hassle but that was short lived like the Nexus 4 battery. Started having frequent disconnections and the worst thing is their local operator behavior. Just like a stereotypical antagonist handsome man to the girl in a movie, the company take their subscribers for granted, makes false promises of compensation and then deny at the end . They argue that they can't cooperate with their own distributors and their services. The operators are the worst kind of species living in our multiverse - ignore calls, assume their customers are muggles and don't even pay their own shop's rent!

Heard a lot and used ACT in Bangalore and had fairly positive opinions about it but as Galaxy Fold taught us, never trust anything unless you use it for a few days.