Cyber crime charges against JU Professor for posting cartoon on Mamata


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Jun 4, 2011
West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is coming down hard on any opposition.

News portal Ibnlive reported that a professor from Jadavpur University was arrested for propagating 'anti-Mamata Banerjee' cartoon on the Internet.

The Website reported that Ambikesh Mahapatra, a Chemistry professor, was rounded by the police late on Saturday and section 166 was slapped on him for forwarding 'derogatory images' of Mamata.

The allegations have been termed as unprecedented by experts, and the professor is scheduled to be produced at the Alipore court.

The cartoon to me doesn't seems to be different then what is shown on shows like The Week that Wasn't by Cyrus Broacha. Don't know what will come next