Dangerous Waters


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Jan 28, 2005

Naval combat simulator now shipping from company Web site; game lets players helm submarines, boats, and planes. Battlefront.com announced that Dangerous Waters is now shipping for the PC. Dangerous Waters is exclusively on sale from the game's Web site, and it ships from Battlefront.com's two warehouses in Vermont and Ireland.

In Dangerous Waters, gamers will hit the high seas in a variety of naval vehicles, including submarines, naval helicopters, and seafaring frigates. There's a single-player campaign, as well as a series of quick missions that include evacuating an ambassador from East Timor and deploying troops to the Philippines. For those who like to control their destinies, the game ships with the same mission editor used by the programmers.

Dangerous Waters is available in two versions. A standard version includes the two-CD game and a short installation guide, while a deluxe version adds a 570-page manual. Players interested in testing the waters can download the 263MB demo from GameSpot DLX. Dangerous Waters sells for $45 for the standard version and $55 for the deluxe version. No rating information is available yet.

More Information: GameSpot
Official Website: Here
Download Demo: Here