Video DTH Guide with Indian perspective

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by tarun, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. spyral

    spyral New Member

    bah 4:3 sucks..

    the Slingbox I would have to get from the States... I dont know about the availability here but Im gonna check for compatibility and if it works im thinking at ~$200 it might be worth it.
  2. phoenix007

    phoenix007 New Member

    Any way does here has any idea how to get fox news and other channels on tata sky??
  3. OP

    tarun Active Member

    sorry checking this thread after a long cannot add channels yourself on tata will get them when they are added by tata sky people

    One important info for all who are planning to go for Tata Sky. Tata sky has 2 options for set top boxes (Thomson and Humax). Make sure you get the humax ones as thomson ones are having some freezing issues.

    MADAMD New Member

    tata sky is hiking rrates to 500 p.m

    MADAMD New Member

    what about CAS.
  6. some_cap

    some_cap New Member

    i heard that there are some cards available in palika which allow adult channels as well as free broadband once used with tata sky..
    has anyone tried anything like broadband on any DTH service by any mod or hack or chip..
  7. delguy19

    delguy19 Well-Known Member

    That might be possible but for that u need big dish the old types u have seen along with access card

  8. sg3707

    sg3707 Active Member

    This seems to be the only sticky thread in this category.

    For People who were asking about World Cup in HD. Just had a chat with Airtel and it is too costly.

    165Rs for the whole world cup. Channel no is 223.

    Still doubt the quality though. Only a few were able to watch the opening cermony.
  9. TheIndian

    TheIndian Well-Known Member

    And its ancient and dated.
  10. TheIndian

    TheIndian Well-Known Member

    I found this thread to be dated and old, and could do with a major update, anyone else think the same?
  11. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    Updates? Tata Sky added Sony HD some weeks back. 212 channel.

    Need more sports channels and HBO, Movies Now etc in HD, even if they show average movies. Game of Thrones on HBO.
  12. nimod

    nimod Well-Known Member

    Is there any STB in market with miracast?
  13. indy1811

    indy1811 Well-Known Member

    Airtel Internet TV comes with built in Chromecast.
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