Dual USB wall charger that provides 3A current to each port

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by maddy_in65, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. maddy_in65

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    I bought two rocket64 SBC for my low power server needs and they are in transit. I also bought two USB to Type H barrel power cable for them. The idea behind getting USB convertor is to save one port on spike guard.
    I thought I will get dual port mobile charger locally which will give 3A current to each SBC but I am not able find such charger on online portal.
    Does anyone know such dual USB mobile charger which can give 3A current to each port.
    BTW I have seen few chargers which provides 2.4A current but not sure that will brick rock64 SBC.
  2. vivek.krishnan

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    Doubtful about getting 3A, since by default, without having any QC circuit, it should do 2A at max or something. Would suggest to instead build one yourself. There are 5V SMPS which can do upto 10A, get these and wire them with your type H power cables.
  3. OP

    maddy_in65 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Vivek, please help to find appropriate 5V SMPS which can power both devices

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