E8400 (without stock heatsink) & G.Skill 2x2GB DDR2 800MHz Pi Black

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For sale is the Intel E8400 processor (no stock heatsink) and the G.Skill 2x2GB Pi Black DDR2 800MHz sticks.

Reason for sale: Switching to the Sandy Bridge platform.

Price: 3.4k INR shipped for the CPU & 3.2k shipped for the RAM (will NOT be sold as single sticks!)

Purchase Info & Warranty: CPU was purchased during May 2008. Barely 3 months' official warranty applies. Shall give a month's testing warranty.

RAM was purchased during Nov. 2008 from Newegg US through KMD. Replaced few months ago from G.Skill Taiwan and the replacements are the newer Pi Black sticks with a different heat spreader. Has a lifetime warranty - G.Skill shall replace it as long as the RAM isn't declared EOL by the company. Shall give a month's testing warranty.

Mandatory snaps:

Note: Have the original packaging for the RAM but not the CPU. Shall ship through DTDC.

PS: I do not have the CPU-Z/memtest screens of these since I had to sell the mainboard and GPU in a jiffy. As mentioned before, I shall give a month's testing warranty for both of them.
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