Earphones for TV watching?


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Mar 8, 2010
I mostly watch TV using a mi Bluetooth audio receiver with a MI basic earphone combo.

I do this for a wireless solution and not to disturb other people when I'm watching TV. I tolerate the audio sync issues for the sake of convenience.

I am thinking of upgrading my wired earphone to get better sound.

Xiaomi recently released dual driver earphones earphones which also has passive noise cancellation. I have never used noise cancellation earphones active or passive.

Can anyone suggest if it's worth the upgrade or will I be just wasting money? Does the fact that I use MI Bluetooth audio receiver hamper any earphone I upgrade to?

Any suggestions for a better earphone or work flow is most welcome.
My budget is around ₹700-800

I doubt I'll get a Bluetooth earphones for that budget. Also, since I want to use the earphone with oculus go also which doesn't support Bluetooth, I doubt Bluetooth earphones are my solution
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Sep 19, 2005
Not an audiophile or expert in these but this is what i've experienced.

You would get better sound differentiation using dual driver earphones if the input sound quality is really good. It wont be much different if the source has lossy compression or bad audio. Due to dual drivers, you would get to hear the lower and higher frequencies much better compared to single driver full range earphone. Think of it like a subwoofer for your ears.

The audio sync issues will still be there due to the wireless link you're using.

Passive noise cancellation only means that the earphone plugs are better at noise isolation. If outside noise is high enough you will still hear it. 799 for dual driver earphones is a steal considering the next closest Hi-res one is a panasonic selling for 1.5k which is just single driver earphone. All other dual drivers are upwards of 3k.

Does the fact that I use MI Bluetooth audio receiver hamper any earphone I upgrade to?
Depends on output of the BT receiver. If all it does is convert BT signals to analog audio (and if it has a good dac chip), then it wouldn't hamper the sound quality. I doubt the tv channels even give hi quality audio in their stream. Most probably its ac3 @ 100kbps - 450Kbps max. You could always get a male to female 3.5mm audio extension cable if you're so much worried of sound quality from a tv set.

One way you can test if it hampers the sound quality is to test listening to a cd or flac file directly connected to the earphones once and connected to the Bt receiver next time. Ideally play the same song over both 2-3 times and you will know what is missing or not.