FS: MP3 Player Fiio M3K Player with 16GB Memory Card in Good Condition. Read Description.


Sep 26, 2012
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Jun 20, 2020
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I received the product one day before I started this thread. If I don't sell it right away, it is going it to lie around. While it is markedly superior to my phone (Redmi K20 (non pro)) in terms of audio quality, I prefer something a bit more v-Shaped out of the box. Please check reviews on headfi etc before making the purchase)
  • Product Name: Fiio M3K
  • Description : I bought this from Amazon but it wasn't brand new. It was listed as "(Renewed)" and was going for less than its MRP. The player itself looked new. Silicon cover and the included micro USB cable looked new. Micro SD was Sandisk, new & sealed. Screenguard was intact until I peeled slightly from an edge to see if there indeed was a screenguard :oops:. I think the screen is free of scratches but I can't vouch for it without removing the screen protector. The aluminium body seems pristine. I tried headphone out, USB DAC over smartphone and my PC. It all works fine. The player actually comes with an OTG adapter, I think ,but there wasn't one in the box I received. I tried with my own adapter and everything (file transfer + DAC) works perfect.
  • Remaining Warranty period: For this renewed player, 6 months Supplier Backed WARRANTY is what Amazon says but I cannot give any promises.
  • Warranty available in: India but please do read the above line.
  • Invoice Available: yes then post a pic
    • Shipping to: All over India
    • Preferred courier: Depending on availability.
    • Payment options: Bank Transfer, UPI, PhonePE, PayTM, Google Pay.


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