Firefox unofficial M builds Ultra cool


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Dec 6, 2004
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I guess everyone these days is talking of firefox. And yeah its damn cool and all but the unofficial versions i reckon are even cooler :rofl:

For those using the standard official builds, try out the M2(or 1 or 3 based on your processor. See the link at bottom) build of firefox. Its one of the stablest alternate build and faster then the official version. Moreover its processor optimized.
Ofcourse the best reason for using M2 is that its fast. Personally i have seen a faster page loads and there are plenty of testimonials on net of people getting in some cases 1.5 times speed increase with M2.
Certainly worth a try.
The builds of Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Thunderbird found on this web site ARE NOT OFFICIAL builds endorsed by the Mozilla group. Rather, they are builds that have had modifications made to the source code to optimize the executables for speed, increase stability, and add in extra features. If you are looking for official builds of the Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox, or Mozilla Thunderbird, please visit the official Mozilla website at