FS: Leadtek 7600GT 256MB (PCIe)

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Mar 26, 2007
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It’s a two year old PCIe Leadtek 7600GT w/ reference cooler. It’s in good condition and overclocks more than 10%. I haven’t tried pushing it to the max.

Warranty: The card came with 3 years warranty (Till April 2009), but I've lost the bill. So technically you can't claim it. The "Zebronics" sticker is still there at the back, although I don't know how helpful that is when it comes to warranty claims.
I can give a week's testing warranty.

Box and accessories: I can't find the box, and the driver and game CD that were in the box (so was the bill). I still have the analogue to digital adapter and the cables.

Asking price: Rs. 2200 shipped.

Let me know if anyone wants it.
Please do not lowball.
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