Budget 90k+ Gaming and Video Rendering PC Under 100K

Discussion in 'PC Buying Advice' started by psybronik, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. psybronik

    psybronik Active Member

    1. What is your budget?
      • 100K
    2. What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model)
      • CPU - Intel i7 6700K (Never OC'd)
      • Motherboard - Gigabyte G5 Gaming
      • GPU - Zotac gtx 970 Amp Extreme
      • RAM - Gskill RipJaws V @3000 Mhz
      • Monitor - Dual Setup ( Dell p2417H + Looking for a new 144hz freeSync Monitor)
      • PSU - Corsair RM 750X
      • Storage - 512GB SSD + 4TB HDD
    3. Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model)
      • Need your advice on which one should i keep and which one should i replace
    4. Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have already decided on a configuration then please mention the (component brand and model) as well, this will help us in fine tuning your requirement.
      • Depends on the suggestion
    5. Is this going to be your final configuration or you would be adding/upgrading a component in near future. If yes then please mention when and which component
      • Depends on the Suggestion but if need be i can upgrade in later half of the year
    6. Where will you buy this hardware? (Online/City/TE Dealer)
      • Mumbai
      • Open to online purchase - is Newegg Safe ?
    7. Would you consider buying a second hand hardware from the TE market
      • No
    8. What is your intended use for this PC/hardware
      • Competitive Gaming
      • Browsing
      • Desktop Processing
      • Video Rendering & Recording
      • Streaming
    9. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them and the reason for your preference/dislike.
      • No
    10. If you will be playing games then which type of games will you be playing?
      • Apex Legends
      • Fortnite
      • Fifa
      • Call of duty
      • FarCry
      • Battlefield
      • NFS
    11. What is your preferred monitor resolution for gaming and normal usage
      1. Gaming - 1920 x 1080
      2. Desktop - 1920 x 1080
    12. Are you looking to overclock?
      • No
    13. Which operating system do you intend to use with this configuration?
      • Windows 10 64 bit

    Note : i will be using it for competitive gaming and Video Recording along with Rendering and Streaming.
    Please let me know which part i can upgrade and which one i should keep. if i need to buy an entire new setup i can extend my budget till 150K.

    I will be playing at 144hz hence i need a cheap 144Hz monitor as well. your suggestion will be extremely helpful. I would prefer Intel build only
  2. bssunilreddy

    bssunilreddy Well-Known Member

    AMD Gaming & Content Creation RIG (RTX 2060 6GB)
    Budget -144.4K

    Processor -AMD Ryzen 7 2700 -26.7k
    Motherboard -MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC -12.5k
    Graphics Card -Zotac RTX 2060 6GB Mini -33k
    RAM -G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200Mhz 16GB (8GBx2) -14.5k
    SSD - ADATA XPG SX8200 1TB Gen3x4 M.2 SSD -17.2k
    Power Supply -Corsair Vengeance 750M -7.8k
    Cabinet -Antec DF500 RGB -4.6k
    Monitor -Acer EB321HQ 32Inch Full HD Monitor -16.3k
    KB -Corsair K55 RGB KB -3.4k
    Mouse -Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse -1.8k
    UPS -APC 1.1KVA -5.6k
    Case Fan -Antec Rainbow 120mm RGB LED fan -1k
    Total -144.4K
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  3. OP

    psybronik Active Member

    Thank you for the reply, i would like to stick with Intel Build.

    Also my budget is 100K only. i want to know do i really need to change the entire setup or just some parts.

    will 2070 bottleneck my CPU ? or vice versa ?
  4. William_Mboy

    William_Mboy Member

    Just buy new GPU everything else looks fine. RAM should be 16gb so buy more stick if you have 8gb.
    Rtx 2070 is good and you can run all games you mentioned at 144fps.
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  5. OP

    psybronik Active Member

    Thanks bro i already have 16gb at 3000 Hz you think i should add 16 more ?

    Also i was thinking to import Zotac rtx 2070 or 1080Ti from US, wanted to know if they have international warranty ? i've read somewhere that they do if you don't tell them from where you got the card ? is it true ?
  6. vyral_143

    vyral_143 Jarvis
    Section Mod

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  7. William_Mboy

    William_Mboy Member

    Only EVGA has international warranty but for that you will have to ship your card to Taiwan for RMA.
    Buy from India because it will be a gamble if you order from US, sometimes they impose so much duty that it will cost more than what it costs here.
    Sometimes package gets stuck for a month in customs so not worth it.
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    For claiming warranty you have to show your bill.
    Another way they can know it wasn't bought in India is from its serial number. Every card has a unique serial number and they will search it in their database, it gives all kind of information like manufacturing date and where it was made and in which country it was sold.
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  8. atiamd

    atiamd Well-Known Member

    144 HZ monitor with Freesync (And, yes it works with Nvidia GPUs if you use DP cable):

    I am using this monitor for about a month and I can vouch for it.

    As for other components, they look good to me already. GTX 970 performs like 1060 if I am not wrong. Which means, the most sensible upgrade would be to RTX 2070 or 1080ti like you mentioned. I wouldnt recommend buying a graphics card from outside India due to the reasons already mentioned by other members.
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  9. Party Monger

    Party Monger Well-Known Member

    Your current setup is fine. Why do you want to upgrade? Which part is not performing as per your liking? I can only think of a GPU upgrade and a Monitor upgrade. Even the GPU upgrade is a bad idea right now cause lots of new ones are going to be launched and amd expected to throw a better fight.
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  10. mk76

    mk76 Well-Known Member

    I too have 6700k(stock clock) and faced similar dilemma. Everytime I looked for, got the same response as William_mboy Party_Monger have suggested.

    Think it like cascaded upgrade. GPU, RAM, SSD could easily be transferred to your next rig. So in that order,
    - upgrade your GPU
    - Get RAM if you feel the need
    - Get another SSD and use the old one for scratch disk
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  11. OP

    psybronik Active Member

    Thank you all for your response it really helped me a lot. i will be buying Lg24gm79g in next 15 days and probably wait till August for a GPU upgrade as i believe we have some surprise around the corner from AMD that might bring the prices down.

    Just one Question i saw this monitor from Acer. the model number is KG241QP on Amazon and it cost like 15.2K ill get it for 14K after discount. Is this a good monitor ? thats pretty cheap for a 144hz monitor to be honest.
  12. atiamd

    atiamd Well-Known Member

    Between KG241QP and Lg24gm79g, I think Acer is a better option due to its lower cost and similar specs. It just lacks the USB port and everything else is very similar.

    - Both have TN Panel
    - Both have HDMI and DP. Use DP for gsync

    And instead of both, I would highly recommend Samsung cfg73 just because it has a VA panel. Color accuracy and viewing angles are amazingly better between TN and VA.
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  13. OP

    psybronik Active Member

    Thanks for the reply....VA has more input lag right and slower response time ???
  14. atiamd

    atiamd Well-Known Member

    This VA monitor has 1 ms response time if you dont use Freesync (which you wont for majority of games due to already high refresh rate). For CSGO, which always run at >200 FPS, you have a choice. Either use 1 ms, no freesync, or use the default 4 ms AND freesync.

    BTW, when I dont use freesync to get 1 ms response time, I still dont see any screen tearing. :) Your mileage may vary.

    And, yes you are right. TN panel is the way to go for high refresh rates as their performance is superior. How much superior is the question. And that cant be answered without experiencing it yourself. Godspeed brother.
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  15. OP

    psybronik Active Member

    Thanks buddy for the response....i might buy the acer one just to save money for a better gpu and a good 240h monitor for later part of the year
  16. atiamd

    atiamd Well-Known Member

    Good choice. Thats what I'd do. :)
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  17. jujuburi

    jujuburi Member

    I would highly advise against that Samsung VA monitor. Unless all you will be doing is gaming. The monitor has a tremendous text scaling/rendering problem. Basically the texts are shite, blurry and fuzzy. And you will feel nauseated trying to read stuffs off of the monitor. I had the CFG70 though, not the 73. However, afaik, or what pcmonitor review says, that problems exists to both releases, both 70 and 73. Maybe that's how it is with all VA panels, but just don't buy it unless you are buying it for gaming alone.

    Colour accuracy was also nowhere near of IPS panels, well I knew that anyway, but didn't like the extremely boosted/saturated colours as well. I think you are better off with a 144 Hz TN panel purely from gaming perspective. Or just increase the budget a lot and get IPS 144 Hz. The Acer Predator lineup will come in your budget then.\

    Disregard if you have already purchased a monitor.
  18. atiamd

    atiamd Well-Known Member

    Brother, CFG73 has no such issues. CFG70 did. I can read same on my CFG73 like I can on any other monitor.

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