Gigabyte RMA Woes


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Jul 10, 2007
Hi Guys,

I purchased the following components for upgrading my PC
GB B85 D3H Mobo
i5 4440
Corsair 4GB vengeance RAM

I retained my SMPS(COrsair VX450W),GFX Card(GTX650),Sound card(Xonar DG) and cabby (Zebby peace) from my old build.

Two days after assembling my new system my PC wouldnt boot unless i cleared the CMOS by touching the CLR CMOS pins. Since there were no issues with my GFX card,SMPS,Soundcard and Hard drive i concluded that my mobo is the issue hence i gave the Mobo for RMA through accell:)@). My old MOBO +Proccy+RAM works fine without any issues with my gfx card,smps and sound card this is how i concluded that the issue is with the new motherboard. also i checked by disconnecting individual parts.

after a week i got a replacement motherboard ,so again i reassembled my system and tried booting it but the new mother board wont event boot even after clearing cmos so again i gave the replacement mother board for RMA. now here is a strange thing again after 4 days of giving the replaced mobo for RMA i checked the status of my RMA ticket and found out that they are sending back the old mobo which i gave for RMA 2 weeks back. now iam concerned, . when i contacted the accel service center regarding this they told me to bring my processor and RAM to check whether replacement mother board is working without any issues. but i have the following concerns

1. Is it safe to place the processor and heatsink on the motherboard without applying a new thermal paste? i mean it is just to test whether the motherboard is working fine or not so i wont be ruining my proccy in doing so rite?

2. If the motherboard again fails what is the process for getting a credit note? cuz screw gigabyte i have had it with them