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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by gmano, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. dipen01

    dipen01 Well-Known Member

    @Puneites :-

    Can i borrow any motherboard to support my E6300.. for say couple of weeks.. My MSI board has some problems and so i need to RMI it... So thought it might help if i can get standby mobo.. Also if u have other board with compatible proccy.. then even that would be great..

    Would really appreciate any help here :D
  2. Gaurish

    Gaurish Well-Known Member

    I have a Nokia CA-42 data cable lying around.

    will give for FREE
  3. Arihant.EXE

    Arihant.EXE Well-Known Member

    Anyone has 4 points for purchase @
    I need im+ for uiq3 desperately:(
    My pc has gone kaput and all other clients sucks ass!!!

    Any help regarding this one will be verry much appericiated:)
    I guess i have 2 points left on my voucher but 2 points aint enuff to get im+

  4. sumit_123

    sumit_123 New Member

    hello everyone
    i have some bigflix 100rs discount voucher..which i have won from zapak contest.these voucher are not to my use.if anyone wants .than u can pm me . :bleh:
  5. Keane 16

    Keane 16 New Member

    It's mine!
  6. sumit_123

    sumit_123 New Member

    check ur pm
  7. Keane 16

    Keane 16 New Member

    Got it mate, thanks.
  8. FaH33m

    FaH33m Analog Vibes

    hey those Zapak scammers really give away the prizes ?:rofl:

    i thought they were only good at scamming..

    i played a few games on Zapak for timepass when i was getting bored..and later realized that i had one some vouchers worth total 900 bucks...its been more than 20 days ...havent got anything in my mailbox..

    just one single main that says i will get the vouchers in my mail box..:mad:but still havent got it :mad:

    by the way ive won some domino's vouchers i guess ..which i wont mind sharing with people who can make use of it :p
  9. Gannu

    Gannu Unbanned

    Gimme one; :eat:

    Can use it when M at Delhi; :)
  10. FaH33m

    FaH33m Analog Vibes

    @the OP ..sorry for thread hijacking ..hope you dont mind :p

    right now ive just got one Domino's Discount voucher which ive received in my Zapak inbox .

    Rs. 100 off on purchase of 400 :p So you may have to order 2 med pizzas or 1 large + extras :p..

    if Gannu\anyone else wants it .PM me your email id ..i will forward the mail :).

    EDIT : just checked the mailbox..i think the coupons can be used by anyone .any number of times as it doesnt have any serial you just need to take a print out and give it to the delivery boy :)

    ive uploaded the coupon here itself ..

    The mail

  11. sumit_123

    sumit_123 New Member

  12. Ashish.K

    Ashish.K Active Member

    That was courteous !! :D Thankx....
  13. techie_007

    techie_007 Well-Known Member

    i believe these are std dominos coupons :p

    u can download some from the dominos site too with diff offers :D they keep updating those.

    Might have been posted before too, keep a link handy, helps on those hungry nights wen u dont wanna go out :D

    Dominos Hot offers: Pizza Store Delhi: Dominos India Menu
  14. Gaurish

    Gaurish Well-Known Member

    even i got the same voucher twice and a Giftmate GC of 750/-:D
  15. dragon_unleashed

    dragon_unleashed I KNOW NOTHING

    Hi guys wish u all TE's a very happy 4th anniversary. I hope this site goes on n on n on as my best wishes are always with Techenclave.

    On this node i am giving away free BPL dus ka FREETALK gang(only for mumbai bpl subs)
    I hav five codes so anybody interested can pm me or call me on 9870020401.


    This offer is only valid on a new bpl sim.

    calls to bpl mobile @ 25p
    other local calls @ 60p
    Local sms @ 20p
    300 local sms free (for d 1st month)
    no daily rental till 30 april 09(after dis rp.1 will be deducted every day frm your account)
    national sms @ 50p
    std calls @ 1.20p
    wap surfing free till 30th april 09.
    calls made to your bpl gang will be free for 1st 30secs and after that 25p
    per minute
    offer is valid upto 6th april 09 so hurry up guys before u miss dis fantastic offer.

  16. dragon_unleashed

    dragon_unleashed I KNOW NOTHING

    1 code given to gforce. 4 more remaining.
  17. G@d of w@r

    G@d of w@r Well-Known Member

    sent you a PM>
  18. dragon_unleashed

    dragon_unleashed I KNOW NOTHING

    2nd code given to G@d of w@r. 3 more rem.
  19. dragon_unleashed

    dragon_unleashed I KNOW NOTHING

    after dis 3 codes are distributed i can also give more codes by mail to d people interested so they can just give me their mail id n they will get a code.
  20. gforce

    gforce New Member

    I gave away a similar one on Thinkdigit a couple of months ago, so TE gets its chance. Brand new, got this a couple of days ago when some SE rep came to the office with some Xperias for sale. Nobody bought one but everyone got one, IYKWIM. ;)

    First one to confirm a local pickup gets it - late evenings on weekdays/south Mumbai.

    NO PMs


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