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Jan 23, 2009
Sold (or rather given) to MTG. Thanks for your interest everyone. See you all in the next giveaway thread tomorrow. ;) ;)


Let this old dead thread get a fresh breath of life. :p

OK, there are plenty of stuff for giveaway below.


1. The buyer has to bear only the shipping charges (via DTDC from Surat) which is mentioned below under each item, the minimum being Rs. 50.

2. No member gets more than 2 items. This is to ensure that a needy one gets something that the other may probably not end up using.

3. FCFS - whoever pays first, gets it first. No holding business and please don't send me PMs asking me to do so.

4. All the items have a working guarantee from my end. No items on the list are *dead*.

5. Reason for sale: clearing the junkyard. I don't need them anymore.

6. Payment: NEFT to my ICICI savings account.

7. Please do your research prior to buying the item. Do not PM me with queries such as "will this work with this", "will I get output with this cable" etc.

Mandatory snaps:

1. Male S-Video to Female Composite Video Adapter:

Source: Powercolor Radeon 4850 GPU.

Condition: Unused.

Charges: Rs. 50

2. Crossfire connectors:

Source: Powercolor Radeon 4850 GPU.

Condition: Unused.

Charges: Rs. 50

3. DVI-D (dual link) to HDMI converter:

Source: Powercolor Radeon 4850 GPU.

Condition: Unused.

Charges: Rs. 50

4. Molex to 3-pin fan cables:

Source: Local.

Condition: Used. One of them is lengthier than the other two as evident from the snap.

Charges: Rs. 50.

5. RCA female to RCA female twin connectors:

Source: Local.

Condition: Used.

Charges: Rs. 50

6. Power cable:

Source: Corsair HX620 power supply (me thinks).

Condition: Unused but a bit dusty. Works.

Charges: Rs. 50

7. S-Video (male) to component (female) cable:

Source: Powercolor Radeon 4850 GPU.

Condition: Unused.

Charges: Rs. 50

8. HIS 4870 heatsink with aftermarket fan and fasteners:

(The base has some scratches but nothing that cannot be resolved by some fine wet sandpaper runs).

Source: HIS Radeon 4870 GPU.

Condition: Used. This is the stock heatsink from a HIS GPU (check the link above) and the original fan that shipped with the unit got busted after a couple of months. An aftermarket 60 x 60 fan (Delta or NMB make IIRC) was stuck using some 3M dual-sided tape after the outer shroud was removed. The fan will not come off (I've tried pulling it on several occasions). The results were very good compared to the stock fan and the temperatures dipped lower by several notches. I changed the heatsink to a Arctic Cooling Accelero later and this unit was removed from the GPU.

The heatsink screws are meant for GPU cores having 53 mm x 53 mm mounting holes. Which means it will fit the following cards:

  • ATI Radeon HD 4870/4860/4850/4830/4750/4670/4650/3870/3850/3690/3650/3450
  • ATI Radeon X1900 Series
  • NVIDIA Geforce GT 210/220/240
  • NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250
  • NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT
  • NVIDIA Geforce 9600 GT
  • NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT/ GTS(G92)
  • NVIDIA Geforce 7900 GTX/GT/GS
  • NVIDIA Geforce 7800 GTX/GT
  • NVIDIA Geforce 6600 Series(Except 6600 AGP Series)

This heatsink-fan is obviously not meant to replace the stock heatsink of your GPU unless it is faulty. This is meant for users with GPUs whose fan may have gone busted or seeks a temporary replacement.

Charges: Rs. 200 (the heatsink is HEAVY and add to it the weight due to the packaging)

9. Nokia AC-3E charger:

Source: Nokia 7230

Condition: Unused.

Charges: Rs. 50



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Jul 3, 2012
Some more items for giving away

I too have few working items eating dust here. Will be happy to give them away to them who need these.
Items are working. You need to pay shipping. Shipping from Gopalganj(733141),WB to anywhere in India by DTDC. Local pickups will be free.

1. 100_1176.jpg
AMD Sempron CPU FAN. It works but I needed high speed one, so removed it and attached a high speed fan onto the heatsink using superglue. The cables are cut for my new fan which by default had molex connectors. Small wire left so you need to have own wire /connector for this to work. Shipping: 30(WB), 50(METROS), 60(INDIA).
2.100_1177.jpg GIVEN AWAY TO darylemmanuel
3.5mm to RCA stereo wire. Length 5ft. Rubber design. Shipping: 30(WB), 50(METROS), 60(INDIA).
Vire remote for car MP3/MP4 player. Will accept CR2025 battery. Shipping: 30(WB), 50(METROS), 60(INDIA).


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Sep 24, 2009
Received this discount coupon from ICICI. Free for whoever wants to use them..

Gadgetsguru e-voucher worth Rs. 200 is CEFE-4800-B584-4216 . For details, please visit Terms and Conditions.

Offer – Gift voucher worth Rs. 200 on online purchases of Rs. 500 and above at

Value of Gift Voucher: Rs. 200

Minimum purchase value: Rs. 500

Valid from: Aug 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012