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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by gmano, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. sam9953

    sam9953 Active Member

    Hey guys, I am giving a few cassetes or tapes of a few old hindi and english songs.

    Plus I am also giving away my monopoly game. Anyone interested please PM me.
  2. arup

    arup Active Member


    Got a coupon by recharging through paytm which is useless for me. Hope somebody finds it useful. Below:

    Hot Breads
    Flat 20% off
    Coupon Code : PTMHOT
    Coupon Conditions :
    * Valid till 31st August 2012.
    * Valid only at Hot Breads-Ludhiana
    * Valid only on food items, not beverages.
    * Valid on dining and takeaways
    How to redeem:
    * Announce the coupon code to attendant at the time of placing the order.

    OY, and bump for the freebies: AMDfan, stereocable, remote.
  3. sam9953

    sam9953 Active Member

    Guys I am in desperate need of a VGA cable (cable which connects monitor to CPU/cabinet) , If anybody has it please tell me. Urgent need. I don't want to spend on such a petty thing and just need it for some time that is why asking for giveaway or freebies, help me.
  4. Gannu

    Gannu Unbanned

    Power cable and heatsink sold. Will be shipped today.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Are you still looking for one? I may have one which I've got with the Dell LCD I have with me. It will be close to 4+ years old but works. Let me know if you want one.
  5. eternoMind

    eternoMind Well-Known Member

    Got an unopened/unused DVI-D cable that shipped with my previous Dell Monitor. So if anyone needs it then just drop a PM.
    Shipping will be on you of course [​IMG].
  6. sam9953

    sam9953 Active Member

    Thanks for telling, will inform you if I need it. Probably I won't be needing it, but just incase I do, I will tell you.
  7. GPMlore

    GPMlore Well-Known Member

    Hey all, I have a P3 800 Mhz and a compatible 815 mobo in fine working condition. Had 2 RAMS for those, but it failed recently. Also have junk 2 SMPS, DVD only reader, 15 inch Samsung monitor (screen very dark, can be repaired), 2 LAN cards (may be faulty), 2 floppy drives and a faulty Geforce 6600. Interested people can pick these up from my place, for free.
  8. sam9953

    sam9953 Active Member

    Wow man thats quite a lot of stuff and some of it is good. Appreciate it.
  9. zapout

    zapout Active Member

    i have Original Serial of "Hotspot Shield Pro" that I've won in a contest. I don't use it.
    Validity is one year.
    So if anybody need it, pm me.(don't know if i can giveaway serial in this thread)
  10. Grim

    Grim Active Member

    Hey all i have a LG 17" CRT monitor which has been used for years and still in new condition anyone interested can come and pick it up my place... please this cannot be shipped :bleh:
    Place: Bangalore
  11. Arjun

    Arjun Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a working ide cd/dvd drive , dont care if it doesnt read disks correctly but the disk tray should open/close properly, if anyone has one which they are willing to give away let me know.
  12. sanki

    sanki New Member

    I have quite a few cables, connectors (not PC but some gadget to TV kinda stuff) lying around in the house.
    will post an updated list of all the things as soon as i get my lazy ass to move around and get it all together. :p
  13. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    DVI-D Cable. i need that :D is it still available ?
  14. arup

    arup Active Member

    I need PCI space-holder with Parallel port as my mobo has pins for it but no port. Does anyone has that and no longer need it because parallel ports are obsolete?
    I need parallel port for some communication with electronic circuits.
  15. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    Posting a pic of what u need might help
  16. malhotraraul

    malhotraraul Well-Known Member

    Can anyone please donate me 2 x motherboard speaker / buzzer.

    Location : Mumbai / Thane.

    Thanks :)
  17. arup

    arup Active Member

    @malhotraraul I have one but the shipping may not justify. Check in local computer shops and you can get them at 10-15/pc.
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  18. sanki

    sanki New Member

    GIVEAWAY - Miscellaneous items lying unused

    hey guys..

    I have a few items lying unused in the house. This is the 1st lot. More to come soon as and when i get to cleaning up.

    Few pointers :

    1. This will NOT be on first come first serve basis. Since I am such a lazy ass, i will prefer handing it over in person to fellow forum members from Mumbai.
    2. Please, take it ONLY if you really need it.
    3. Take One.. take ALL.. as LONG as you have a GENUINE need for the item.
    4. In case you need the item shipped, please make sure the shipping costs outweighs the actual value of the item.
    5. Needless to say, Receiver bears the cost of shipping. Refer to point 4, to make sure its worth it.
    6. These items have been lying unused for quite sometime. Check item description to see if its in working/non-working/UNCHECKED condition.
    7. ** I BEAR NO LIABILITIES for the loss/damage after using these items. **

    PM or post your requirements. Fellow members from Mumbai given priority till MONDAY - 15th October 2012 - 2359 HRS

    AFter that I will get in touch with members from other cities and accordingly discuss payment and shipping options.

    Item 1 :
    Slightly used RCA cable
    It is the one one the LEFT of image#1
    Condition : UNCHECKED

    Item 2 :
    Brand New UNUSED RCA cable
    The one on the right of image#1
    Condition : Brand new but UNCHECKED

    Item 3 :
    Roughly 260cm Telephone Cable
    Ports on both sides intact but the small pin on one side is missing. This DOES not affect functionality.
    It is the one on the left side of image#2
    Condition : UNCHECKED

    Item 4 :
    Roughly 440cm long Telephone cable
    Ports and pins intact on both sides.
    The one on the RIGHT of image#2
    Condition : UNCHECKED

    Item 5 :
    Unknown - Looks like an RCA but does not have the white cable. So unsure about the use
    ITs the one on the left of image#3
    Condition : UNCHECKED

    Item 6 :
    S-video cable
    The one on the right of image#3
    Condition : UNCHECKED

    Item 7 :
    Original Nokia phone charger
    It has the Malaysian plug - So you will need a proper adapter to use it in India.
    Works on ALL nokia phones that has a port for the smallest charging pin. (Check pics)
    Refer to image#4
    Condition : Working

    Item 8 and 9 :
    Telephone line splitter. Check pic
    2nos. available. Left side of image#5
    Condition : UNCHECKED

    Item 10 and 11 :
    2 units of WHITE LED lights. Each unit has 2 pieces. T8-12V
    The metal connectors look just a little rusted, very minor.
    Right side of image #5 . Had bought it for use in my car, but didnt intall them. :/
    Condition : Unchecked
    Right of image#5

    Item 12:
    Samsung TV Remote Control
    Condition : NOT WORKING
    parts can be used for DIY projects. Else its going in the dabba next week.







    More stuff coming up later.

  19. sharang

    sharang I can edit this!

    Will take the Telephone line splitter. Taking an MTNL phone as well as broadband connection this month.Whats your location? Check pm.
  20. sanjeevgpc

    sanjeevgpc Member

    Anybody wants a Epson inkjet printer. Dropped it from a feet and not not able to make it work. Free giveaway if somebody picks it from my house in Bangalore, near Jayadeva Hospital or shoppers stop.

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