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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by v1gnesh, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. cyberjunkie

    cyberjunkie Well-Known Member

    Yay! Congrats and have fun. :p
  2. AnkushT

    AnkushT Member

    umm, late to the party i guess, but does anyone have good recommendations for studio quality guitar headphones? My practice time and teh neighbors' sleep time seem to coincide far too much :|

    i got a Roland Cube amp. so either need a 1/4" headphone wire or a normal headphone with a 1/8" to 1/4" converter, i guess. anyone have any inputs on this?

  3. karan_n8

    karan_n8 Active Member

    The converters are very commonly available, i remember I got it free with these phillips headphones I bought. Try them.
  4. kunallkw

    kunallkw Well-Known Member

    looking for a digitech guitar processor , if anyone is interested in selling one which is working please let me know via pm. :)
  5. nish_pinto

    nish_pinto Voyager.Fpv

    i have a pluto jumbo f cut. it has a crack on its bridge..therefore wanna get rid of it and buy acoustic guitar ranging from 5-7k. any suggestions?
  6. krishnandu

    krishnandu Well-Known Member

    Wow...!! Just now saw this thread. Never knew such a thread exists. :)

    Well, I used to play Guitars, but it's been 3 years I'm completely out of touch.
  7. dragonball

    dragonball Well-Known Member

    A friend is coming through Air France (Economy). And i read the following about that airline:
    Some musical instruments are accepted in the cabin without prior agreement: violins, mandolins, banjos, etc. They must not measure more than 55cm/21.7 in. (L) x 35cm/13.8 in. (W) x 25cm/9.8 in. (H) Large or fragile instruments (cellos or double basses) must be booked a separate seat.

    But the guitar that I want to get through him weighs: 44.5 x 4 x 14.5 inches , 12lbs

    Would he be able to bring it in cabin without any issues?
  8. jojothedragon

    jojothedragon Well-Known Member

    Got one KORG AX5G processor.Was gifted to me 3 years back when I bought my Ibanez.If you are interested on the model you can pm me.
  9. kunallkw

    kunallkw Well-Known Member

    sorry brother , upgrading my PC right now , no cash ... btw let me know your price expectation when i have cash i can get in touch with you , or you can sell it to someone else if you want.
  10. cranky

    cranky Well-Known Member


    Tell him to get the guitar crated in wood (flight packing) and book it in oversized cargo. That's how I got mine from Malaysia, though it came in its flight case and that's how I got it at the end. The case took a bit of a beating but the guitar was fine inside.
  11. dragonball

    dragonball Well-Known Member

    Talked to the airline. Said he can bring it. Now the only issue is of weight.

    Can anyone tell me if there is an issue if the total weight crosses the allowed limit by about 1kg?
  12. kunallkw

    kunallkw Well-Known Member

    anyone from bangalore willing to sell his acoustic guitar , kindly contact me :)
  13. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    Can someone suggest intermediate songs to pick up on Drop D tuning ( I'm trying my hand at Tool/PT) a little bit so any recos along those lines would be highly appreciated.
  14. sethtech

    sethtech New Member

    Sad part of guitars available in india are all china mass produced be it fender of yamaha
    some decent ones are Hofner - 6k , Fender cut away - 7k ..yes both china make

    pluto pinto GbnA all are crap

    Really good guitar you want get hohner HW300-G -- 9.5K landing price
    originally "made in Germany" .. they have guittars done by skilled people in Indonesia or US
  15. cranky

    cranky Well-Known Member

    ^^ Not Really. You do get Taylor, Martin SEagull and other good guitars.

    You can't expect a good instrument under about 15k. The cheapest starter guitar I recommend is the Cort Grand Earth or the Walden 550. Solid tops, large body and a responsive touch.

    When you cheap out and buy a plywood guitar, you get what you pay for. A cheap guitar that sounds cheap.
  16. ronnie_gogs

    ronnie_gogs Morphing from a Geek to a Nerd

    I am a beginner and have a acoustic guitar back in India...

    I want to buy a Electric in Singapore.... Thinking of getting this one

    Epiphone Special II around 280 SGD

    Epiphone Special II - SV Guitars

    Can anyone tell me if its a good choice or should I choose something else...
  17. tesanga

    tesanga New Member

    i have one Epiphone SG special a couple of years back.. its a good choice for beginners... intonation is good though fretboard is slightly larger to me. sounds really good compared to its cheap price..
  18. dhruvrock2000

    dhruvrock2000 Well-Known Member

    Anybody selling processors ? Using a Washburn , thinking of shifting to an ESP. Anybody know if guitars have any resale value ? never done this before so i have no idea.
  19. tiwari

    tiwari Member

    hey guys i am a absolute beginner and don even know how to hold a guitar [​IMG]

    looking for a cheap one to try my hands on. A quick google landed me up with HOBMER and Granada that comes under 3 - 4.5k.

    can you guys suggest me something within this range and where I can get it in Mumbai, Navi mumbai to be exact [​IMG]
  20. ronnie_gogs

    ronnie_gogs Morphing from a Geek to a Nerd

    Sorry didn't check this thread.... I got a much better deal...

    Epiphone Les Paul Vintage Sunburst Plain Top


    Untitled by ronnie_gogs, on Flickr

    I started with a Hobner in College... Its a good beginners guitar I would say... Still have it and its still plays great after 6-7 years

    Dunno about the rest... Better take someone who can play guitar with you when you make the purchase to make a good choice if you are going for cheap guitar to learn...

    Well dunno about India but Singapore has a huge 2nd hand market for music related stuff like guitars, processors and all...

    Maybe you can try the classifieds like

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