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Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by v1gnesh, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. buddingwhizkid

    buddingwhizkid Active Member

    ^ i live 3 houses away from that shop . Yet i bought my guitar from RAJ musicals :p
  2. Arun Harindran


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    HEY fellow earthlings

    If you guys are seriously planning on taking your guitar skills to the next level (yeah i mean future KURT COBAIN and SLASH etc etc)

    then is the best site u'll ever come across.
    also if u r interested in learning english songs...complete tutorials... you may want to check upon MARTY SCHWARTZ and mahalo on YOUTUBE.

    And if you guys need some song suggestions... you may post on this thread


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    You should buy an acoustic guitar.
    if budgets a restraint...go for GB&A or KAPS.

    if not buy an IBANEZ/CORT

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    @ Vivek Jha... 4-5k would get you a decent acoustic guitar.
    i'd recommend Kaps Guitar ST-1000CT or the gb&a Guitar SAG-110C Dreadnought [SAG110C]

    i own a gb&a. However if you intend to pursue guitar on a serious basis, i would suggest Ibanez Acoustic Guitar V50NJP [V50NJP].
    its a starter pack and comes with all the required accessories and an ibanez guitar (one of the best guitar manufacturers).
    it is not as good as its high priced siblings but its a gud buy mate.

    GUD LUCK !
  3. Arun Harindran


    Planning to upgrade to an electric guitar. Budget is 35k (including the requisite accessories).

    Intended mainly for metal and classic rock .
    BANDS- Green Day, GnR, AC/DC, Foo fighters, RHCP and a few hendrix, zeppelin tracks.
    Brands in consideration- shecter, ibanez, fender(if pocket friendly n gud 1), epiphone.

    Also suggest d requisite accessories along with model numbers.
  4. gunnerwholelife

    gunnerwholelife Active Member

    Get an Ibanez. Scheter a big no-no.Its tone is towards extreme shredding type.Fender you cant get at 35k.You can try epiphone.They are nice too.But Ibanez is damn good.very versatile.
  5. dragonball

    dragonball Well-Known Member

    where to get a capo for electric guitar in Delhi/NCR?
    Cheap ones, under 300.
  6. cranky

    cranky Well-Known Member

    Where are you located?

    Furtados is the definitive place for guitars, though I dunno about your 300 budget. It's next to the Lajpat Nagar metro station, but they do have more than one store.

    Edit: They do have cheaper ones, but watch it, these have rigid flats and some may not work correctly on radiused fingerboards:

    A good capo pays for itself in time. The cheaper ones tend to work loose once the elastic wears down, and the plastic that actually frets also softens under string pressure. You normally get a lot of buzz on the two e strings with a bad capo and spend some time adjusting. Admittedly electrics will not have as many problems as acoustics set up with 13s like mine - but it's still better to bite the bullet and get a good Dunlop trigger capo.
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  7. cranky

    cranky Well-Known Member

    I should have posted this earlier, but here goes anyway:

    Zorb-it is having a 50% sale on their online store - it's closing sale, so you can stock up. Valid till 30th June.

    Add the code ZORBIT50 while checking out. Shipping is a little steep but for those with pricey instruments, this is a pretty valuable piece in your kit.

    Basically Zorb-it maintains the humidity in your guitar case at 58%, right at the optimum point for your guitar. Given how badly the temperature and humidity fluctuate in our country, those with solid-topped and all-wood guitars will benefit the most. Hard case users will see maximum gains, though even a gig bag will be quite grateful. One packet should last 5 years easily, though given the severity of our conditions two packs to a case is about right. A set of four should last ten years easy (I'm on my seventh year with the first four and they still work great) - though they will start feeling squishy in the monsoon and hard and dry in the winters, they still do their job fine. Can be dried up or moistened with a few packs of silica gel, or a damp sponge kept with them in a sealed pack.

    Guitars swell during the monsoon if the humidity is not controlled, and they shrink in winters when the humidity is low (<30%). Good instruments tend to suffer more than plywood ones, and acoustics are more severely affected than electrics. Our bigger problem is the combination of high humidity and temperatures, which cause solid woods to soak up water form the air like a tree would, and warp necks like twigs. I've not had a neck warp on me since I've used it - and Calcutta has 90% humidity for five months a year.
  8. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    This looks good. I kept my guitar (Acoustic and Electric) outside for 1 week and strings (obv) and neck seem to have taken some damage due to humidity in the last month.

    @cranky You in Kolkata? What guitar do you have?

    I recently got an ESP LTD Wille Adler WA200 (Hardtail) Urban Camo finish. It's a decent guitar and quite the upgrade from Ibanez GRX40N I had. Have to dump the Ibanez.

    I'm a beginner/intermediate need people to jam/learn from. :)
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  9. cranky

    cranky Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm in Cal. I have one of these: This is my beater - though I think I'm done with filing the saddle and will probably have to put away for the worst of the humidity to pass. It's really suffering.

    And one of these: - this is a fully handbuilt solid wood instrument (not in catalog) and basically spends the monsoon in a hard case with a couple packs of Zorb-it and a bunch of silica gel, to keep it dry and the top and neck in shape. You can see some older pics of the instruments here:

    I also have an electric Tansen (Jackson replica, sounds lousy) which I haven't taken out of its gig bag for over a year now, not sure what state it's in. And my amp was damaged in transportation (beyond repair). I don't normally play electric anyway because the strings feel too loose for me. I have a total of seven guitars, of which 4 are, erm, temporarily not with me. For the last 5-6 years or so.
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  10. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    OT: Very cool, what's your band's name?
  11. cranky

    cranky Well-Known Member

    Bathroom Singers Anonymous :D

    Not really band level playing, if you know what I mean.

    We did have a band a long time ago but figured that what works for 90% of paying public - death metal and hard rock - wasn't what we played (mostly classic rock - and when 40-year-olds say classic, they men real classic, not crap from the 90s). We moved to separate cities and the band died a natural death.
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  12. montsa007

    montsa007 Active Member

    So I wish to start learning this instrument after I return from my trip.
    Checked the local academy and their timings don't suit my schedule, so decided to learn from online videos, anyone can recommend a complete DVD course that helps?

    Will be buying the instrument on week 3 of July.
  13. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    If this is your first time you should get some classes else bad habits/techniques set in. Else anybody who can teach the basics of strumming and placing your fingers in the right manner should be helpful. DVDs later.

    If you good at copying body postures then DVDs YouTube may help.
  14. montsa007

    montsa007 Active Member

    ^Got Fender CD60 (Sunburst) yesterday @ Furtados, Hyper City.
    Was way over my pre-decided budget but am sure its a great investment, fell for the sound.
  15. MCity Guitar

    MCity Guitar New Member

  16. Kilroyquasar

    Kilroyquasar 4 seconds, inhale; 4 seconds, exhale.

    hello all!

    posting a query on behalf of a friend. he wanted to purchase a traveller's guitar. could anyone please provide a pointer as to from where could such a guitar be purchased? i saw one such guitar on SD, selling for 25k though. i informed about that to him, to which he said that he would keep that as a last option, and would prefer a lower-cost solution. he lives in Lucknow. any suggestions please?
  17. psygeist

    psygeist faun

    Furtados is overpriced. But great to check out instruments as you can simply walk in and go for a live demo.
  18. Angad Pablay

    Angad Pablay New Member

    anyone here interested in buying Marshall tube amps at great prices?
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