Headphones for replacing Sennheiser PX80/100


Jun 2, 2013
Am looking for a replacement for my Sennheiser PX80/100.

This is my go-to regular use pair, but its plug has developed an issue and the audio gets cut intermittently. The usage pattern is watching movies, Netflix, games and casual music listening with an occasional call in between. I know that these aren't audiophile headphones, but I just love the sound signature on these- it's so much fun. The criteria for a replacement would be:
  1. Should be comfortable to wear for long periods. The PX80s were very comfortable for me. However, I was just as fine with an AKG K518DJ though it had an insane clamping force.
  2. Well built and durable, preferably with replaceable cables. I want this to be a reliable beater that can last for a long time.
  3. A fun and interesting sound signature. Flexible in this area.
  4. No particular preference for open back or closed back earphones or any brands in particular.
  5. No particular preference for on-ears or circum aurals.
Had shortlisted the following based on no particular order of preference:
  1. Audio Technica M50x (new or lightly used)
  2. Beyerdynamic DT range (probably used)
  3. Beyerdynamic Custom range (ditto)
  4. Sennheiser HD280 pro (not sure whether they have removable cables, but they seem built well)
  5. Superlux HD668B (new or used)
  6. Sennheiser HD 598 SR or SE (probably used)
  7. Koss Porta Pro (new, but I am sure that their cables would also break pretty easily)
  8. Used AKG K518 DJs. I used to have those and loved them, but I lost them. Sadly, these are not in production anymore.
  9. Curious about AKG K52-s. (probably new)
  10. Change the plug for the PX80 and call it a day. If so, could any one suggest me any place in Bangalore where I could do this?
Usage scenario would mostly be netflix, movies, games and casual music listening. I am not too hung up on audio accuracy since I already have a pair Westone 4-s for critical listening. Main requirement is that the replacements are comfortable and fun to listen to and provide that kind of enjoyment the PX80-s did even though they were not particularly Hi-Fi, if this makes any sense.
  1. Music: LG V20, lossless 16/24 bit flac. Genres: Classic Rock, Heavy metal, Prog. I don't stream music.
  2. Movies and Netflix: iPad Air.
  3. Gaming: Acer Predator Helios 300. No amps or DAC-s, straight out of the headphone jack.
Have a feeling that the M50x can fulfill that role pretty well and it seems pretty reliable. Not considering M40x since it doesn't have replaceable cables. I wonder whether the V20 can drive these well. Please help me out in making a decision on this apples, oranges and peaches dilemma.

red dragon

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Jan 30, 2010
Sorry to say this , but the models in your shortlist is all over the place.
Remove the HD280 immediately ( you will hate it, just opposite of fun sound, it is cold, flat with harsh peaky highs, fantastic for tracking and mixing, becomes enjoyable with high quality tube amps)
Now M50X, coming from the smooth sounding PX80, you may love/hate the VERY HEAVY bass, piercing treble, very much recessed mids. Not at all suitable for casual listening. M40 is a much better and cheaper can.
COP/Studios are huge in size and overpriced. Look into the Custom Street, very nice sound with slightly treble happy, very nice sound for the price.
Since you liked 518s and didn`t mind the vice like clamp, you may love the M40X/Custom Streets. M40X comes with replacable cables. If you want to try open cans (you should) HD598 SE/SR is just amazing. It does have enough bass, beautiful soundstage , fairly detailed ( properly amped, these are 90 percent HD600, however runs good even without any amp)
Except the Superlux and the newer AKG I have heard all of them and probably still have them in the house.
I will humbly suggest you to stay away from M50 ( they are decent for tracking and monitoring) but not for listening (in my book they are the 1000 XM3s of wired headphones, extremely popular with very serious flaws)


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Jul 31, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Change the plug for the PX80 and call it a day. If so, could any one suggest me any place in Bangalore where I could do this?
Dunno about bangalore specifically but cable fixes are pretty easy. Ask around.

Unless you REALLY want new headphones...