Budget Above 25K Help from upgrading s9 plus.


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Dec 10, 2010
Hi.i have been using this phone since 1.5 years and now battery is pathetic. Hardly getting 2.5 sot.and gaming is horrible.only game i play is marvel future fight.
I am stunned because of this falgship phone is now almost useless for me as gamming eats up battery in 30 minute.not able to read my study material longer time and photo quality is lagging behind.

So here i am...

A: not more than 30 k.including selling this phone.

2. Preferred display size, type and resolution?
A: 6"or more, AMOLED preffered but wouldnt mond good lcd, FHD+ and above

3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc).
A: Android 9 or above

4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc).
A: 4G dual volte

5. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them.
A: No preference. Should have good service

6. What is your intended use for this phone (internet, camera, multimedia, mails etc.)?
A: gaming(love future fight), multimedia lots of,heavy internet,daily pdf reading youtube and all.

7. Single SIM/ Dual SIM?
A: dual

8. New or Used? Online or Offline?
A: New.or good used, Don’t mind buying online

9. Any other requirements?
A: Need better battery backup like 18 plus hours, microSD card slot if storgae less then 128

10. If you have already considered a phone, then please mention the model
A: real me x2 pro 256 gb model

As you know i want excellent battery performance plus FAST CHARGING IS MUST.
No apple as i dont like the hefty price tag and slow charging.