How are MHADA flats?


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May 5, 2012
I wanted to know guys how are MHADA flats. Has anyone in this forum bought a flat in MHADA and staying in it. Whats the procedure exactly. Is it affordable for a common person to purchase. Do they charge lower amount then the builders?. Does it have 24 hours water, & electricity supply?. I would like to know all the details.


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Flats are good & very affordable compared to the same area with builder rates.
Whats bad is the section of people who shift there.
Mostly all lower income group or say class 3 or class 4 or village type people shift here.
They actually convert such good societies into a cheap chawl which kills the idea of staying here for sophisticated people. Such members spoil the locality within the building like spitting, quarrels on petty issues, tons of clothes hanging from every house, playing cards in corridors, terrace daru partys, play noisy games, their useless grown ups as well can be seen just lazing around grazing at on goers and girls in and outside the gates etc.

Other higher section people invest here purely just for an investment angle and rent it throughout their life.
No issues whatsoever with water or electricity, its all regular. But building lifts take a huge hit almost on regular basis as the kids of these people simply cant refrain themselves from playing with the lift as its a new toy for them.

To get a Mhada flat it is some lottery system which comes up every year or two. Procedure for application can be found on MHADA website.

Not all people spoil such buildings as at times sophisticated people reside which keep it strict and clean though this sighting is rare and as soon as some cheap people reside everything goes for a toss.

But I can definitely say 6 of 10 buildings are in not so good state. You can't even walk inside with the feel of some 12 odd or so storey building and dreaming off something usual. Disappointment will greet and circle you.
For a trial feel you may visit few Mhada buildings across the city but in different zones.
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